Your Ancestors
Tips, advice, and resources for researching your ancestors.

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The London Gazette
The London Gazette and how it can help you research your ancestors.

Workhouses and the poor of Essex
Looking for your workhouse and pauper ancestors in the archives.

Parish Registers at the Essex Record Office
Digital images of some Parish Registers are now available on online at the Essex Record Office.

1939 Register
Researching your ancestors in the 1939 Register.

The Census 1841 - 1911
The Census and how they were carried out.

Birth, Death and Marriage Registration
Looking at the registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages in England and Wales.

Family History Forums - your Essex ancestors
How to break down that brick wall which is stopping you from researching your Essex family history.

What are Parish Registers?
Parish Registers and their importance in researching the family history of your ancestors.

Essex Maps for Family History
Adding maps to your family tree.

Essex Images for Family History
Adding location images to your family tree.

What was a beerhouse?
Did your ancestor run a beerhouse?.

Anglican clergy
A look at the various available records to find out about their career.

Researching your ancestors' occupation or trade
A look at the available archives and resources for researching your ancestors' occupation or trade.

World War One military records.
World War One military records and how they can help you research your ancestors.

Directories and how they can help you research your ancestors.

How much was your Essex ancestor worth?
How the Probate Calendars reveal how wealthy your Essex ancestors were.

Cause of death: Visitation of God
What does Visitation of God mean on a death certificate?

Old Money - pre-decimal currency
A guide to pre-decimal British currency for the family history researcher.

Why did some Victorians object to the census?
Rejection of the ten yearly census is not a new idea.

Reading Latin and old handwriting
Advice and lessons on reading old documents.

Scottish newspapers to research your family tree
Finding the news about your ancestors.

My British ancestor fought and died in the First World War, where can I find their grave?
Finding one of the fallen.

What work did a Nightman carry out?
Did your ancestor carry out this disgusting job?

Did my ancestors sleep in a Model Lodging House?
A look at an attempts to provide decent lodgings for vagrants.

Burial Clubs
How your ancestors may have paid for their funeral.

What is a Sacrament Certificate
How can it help you research your ancestors.

Newspaper archives
Newspaper archives and how they can help you research your ancestors.

Essex newspapers
A look at the Essex newspapers available at the Essex Record Office.

Essex ancestors on Ebay
Looking at items relating to family history on sale on Ebay.

Immigration and Emigration Records
Researching your ancestors' movements around the world.

Essex Police Records
How to track down your Essex police ancestors.

What do N R W Sup and Imp mean on a criminal register?
A look at the classifaction of educational standards in 19th century prison records.

The Bankrupt Directory
Essex bankrupts from December 1820 to April 1843.

Telephone Directories
Research your ancestors through telephone directories.

Wills and Adminstrations after 1858
How Wills can help you research your family tree and how to track them down after 1858.

Pre-1858 Wills in the Essex Record Office
A look at finding Wills proved before 1858 and those archived in the Essex Record Office.

The Jurist
Essex bankrupts covering most of the years 1843 to 1862.

Where did my surname come from?
A useful resource for possibly identifying the geographic origin of a surname.

Can Tithe Maps help me research my family tree?
A look at a useful mid-19th century map.

Tinker? Tailor? Soldier? Sailor? Who lived in your house?
Researching the history of your Essex house.

The Hearth Tax
Using the tax on fireplaces to research your ancestors.

Famous people listed in the 1881 British census?
From Queen Victoria to Bram Stoker.

What is a Gateway Ancestor?
How finding a Gateway Ancestor will take you further back with your family tree.

Buried in wool
At look at why your ancestors may have been 'buried in wool'.

Also visit our articles on Essex History and British History

Find your Ancestors in the Newspapers

Essex Standard Newspaper

Newspaper archives are now a very important source of information for researching your family tree.

Find your ancestors in the newspapers.
Try our example search to discover if your ancestors are in the British Newspaper Archive.

Also look at other newspaper archives and learn how they can help you research your ancestors. >>more

Looking for pictures to add to your family tree album?


Ebay is a good source of old images of Essex towns and villages. If you're looking for pictures to add to your family tree album, then try one of the auctions, or there are several 'Buy It Now' shops offering postcards which have been touched up and improved - so if you're unsure about bidding, try these. Link already formatted for Essex Postcards. Browse through or type the name of the location in the Ebay search box.