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Silver Street, Wethersfield, c.1965
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Education in Wethersfield

Reports and returns on schools and education in Wethersfield. These allow a glimpse into the education your ancestors may have received if they were from this parish.


"Population 1,368. A school for 20 boys, founded by Thomas Fitch, gent. in 1704, who left for its support (out of estates) £20 per annum for the master, £10 for every two years for clothing, and one load of wood for firing annually. The same gentleman also founded a school for boys and girls indiscriminately, leaving for the support of the master or mistress £5 per annum, and a tenement rent-free, and one load of wood, as above. A school for 20 girls was established in 1759 by Mrs Mott, who left an estate at Bardfield, out of which £12 annually are to be paid to the mistress, £5 15s. every two years for clothing the girls, and 20s. yearly for firing. The master and mistress of the free schools have each of them several day scholars.

Two or three minor day schools and Sunday schools of the Establishment, and in the Dissenting interest. The lower classes generally profess a desire of educating their children, but make no exertion to avail themselves of the means within their power."

Source: Digest of Parochial Returns. Select Committee on Education of the Poor, 1818


"Population 1,698. Five Daily Schools: one of which, containing 9 males and 22 females, is endowed with £40 per annum arising from land, for the instruction and part clothing of 20 females; another containing 37 males, is endowed for educating 20 males, by a rent-charge on land of £20 per annum, together with £10 once in two years to purchase each a coat; the remainder of the children in the above Schools are paid for by their parents; another containing 6 males and 14 females, is also endowed with a rent-charge on land of £5 per annum, and a cottage for the teacher, rent-free; in the other two 15 males and 23 females."

Source: House of Commons papers, Volume 41. Abstract of Education Returns 1833


"43 boys 50 girls. Same teacher.s Boys in tolerably good order. The instruction in all subjects is insufficient. The instruction of girls is extremely deficient in all points."

Source: Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education by Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools, Volume 1, 1846


"The master has been well trained, and is intelligent, but the school is in bad order and no improvement is perceptible since last year. The girls' school is in still worse condition, nor do i see any probability of improvement with the present teacher."

Source: Minutes of the Committee of Council on education: with appendices, Volume 1, 1847


"Boys under an able and zealous master are improving rapidly in all subjects. The girls are under the master's wife some change for the better is perceptible."

Source: Report of the Committee of Council on Education (England and Wales Volume 1, 1848

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Wethersfield - Cary's New and Correct English Atlas, 1798

Wethersfield - First Series Ordnance Survey Map 1805

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