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History of Hatfield Broad Oak

Hatfield Broad Oak © Copyright Footstepsphotos 2006.
Hatfield Broad Oak
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History of Hatfield Broad Oak >> Post Office Directory 1874

Post Office Directory of Essex 1874 - list of inhabitants.

If you wish to trace any of these people on the census returns, the nearest census date for this 1874 directory is the 1871 census. There are a number of commercial providers of census returns. These include:

Note: the directory lists the names in the following order: Surname, First Name. It also abbreviates names. These have been reversed and typed in full to assist research.

My ancestor lived here at this time, but why aren't they listed here? Answer: Not everyone appeared in a trade directory. Please read our Trade Directories article.

You should also consider newspaper archives. With millions of pages now online, there is always the possibility of finding articles featuring your ancestors. Discover how to explore newspaper archives.

St. Mary's Church © Copyright Footstepsphotos 2006.
St. Mary's Church
Reproduced courtesy of Footsteps' Shop on Ebay.
Quality reproductions of old photographs.

Horace Broke, Gladwins
Rev. George Burn, M.A., vicar, Vicarage
Rev. H. Hardman, Independent], Brewer's End
George Alan Lowndes, J.P., Barrington Hall
William Robert Macauley, M.D.
Rev. Thomas George Postlethwaite, M.A., vicar of Holy Trinity, Hatfield Heath
James Ross
Sir Henry John Selwin-Ibbetson, bart., M.P., J.P., Down Hall
Rev. George Edward Singleton, Independent
Charles Wayre, York House
J. Dore Williams, J.P., The Grange
Thomas Andrews, miller
Henry Archer, saddler
James Bacon, baker, Heath
Isaac Barker, bricklayer
James Barker, bricklayer, Broad Street
Samuel Barrack, Duke's Head PH
George Bird, carpenter and beer retailer, Heath
Mrs. Rachel Boatman, plumber and glazier
John Boosey, farmer, Needham Green
Henry Bowyer, butcher and farmer, Heath
Daniel Brown, farmer, Crabbs Green
Thomas Brown, wheelwright
Thomas Witham Brown, farmer, Gladwyn's Farm
John Burnett, harness maker, Broad Street
John Byers, farmer, Hill Farm
Thomas Cooper, butcher, Heath
Dennis Quilter, farmer, Benningtons
John Dixon, farmer, Rye's Farm
Joseph Dixon, farmer, Witham's Farm
Richard Dixon, farmer, Forest Hall
Thomas Dixon, Cock, commercial inn - posting house
Charles Duke, shoe maker
James Gamp, blacksmith, Heath
Stephen Green, farmer, Bromeshobury
Noah Griggs, farmer, Heath
Henry Hammond , farmer, Walters
George Isaac Harris, baker and grocer, Heath
Aaron Hawkins, Stag Inn, coal merchant, ironmonger, Heath
Alfred Hockley, farmer, High House
Henry Hockley, farmer, Shrub's Farm
James Hockley, farmer, Collier st. Farm
John Hockley, farmer
John Hockley, farmer, Friar's Farm
William Horsnell, blacksmith
Stephen Hudgell, beer retailer, Heath
William Hudson, wheelwright
William Hutchin, farmer, Piggerells
William Joscelyne, farmer, Manwood Green
William Linsell, farmer, Whiteheads
William Robert Macauley, surgeon
George Mardell, blacksmith
Mrs. Mary Ann Mardell, beer retailer
Barnard Matthews, farmer, Ardley End
Milbanks Bros. farmers, Corringales
Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, White Horse PH, Heath
Thomas Mills, shoe maker, Heath
Samuel Mumford, farmer, Block's Farm
Cornelius Nash, shopkeeper, Heath
Stephen Nash, shoe maker, Heath
Joseph Nottage, farmer, Borringtons

Hatfield Broad Oak © Copyright Footstepsphotos 2006.
Hatfield Broad Oak
Reproduced courtesy of Footsteps' Shop on Ebay.
Quality reproductions of old photographs.

William Pain, builder
Stephen Pamphilon, farmer, Lea Hall
William Parker, baker
Mrs. Ann Pavitt, cooper
William Perry, blacksmith, Heath
George Piper, carpenter and shopkeeper, Brewer's End
Thomas Poole, farmer, Pierce Williams' Farm
Alfred Potter, farmer, Priory Farm
Thomas Potter, grocer and draper
William Potter, farmer, Forest
Francis Robinson, Feathers PH
James Ross, farmer, Carter's Grange
Mrs. Ann Smith, beer retailer, Bush End
James Smith, shoe maker
Stephen Smith, tailor and shopkeeper
Charles Speller, farmer, Kent's Green
Henry Stokes, miller, Heath
George Sullins, farmer, Weir Farm
Henry Sullins, brewer and maltster
William Sullins, farmer, Little Barrington Hall
Aaron Tebbitt, farmer, Braintree Farm
Charles Tipler, farmer
Charles Tisley, baker
Robert Torrance, land steward to H.J. Selwin-Ibbetson, bart., M.P.
James Ward, shoe maker
William Webb, farmer, Great Town Farm
Richd Wentworth, wheelwright, Heath
John Witham, shopkeeper, Heath
Walter Witham, cattle dealer, Heath

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