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Post Office Directory of Essex 1874 - list of inhabitants.

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If you wish to trace any of these people on the census returns, the nearest census date for this 1874 directory is the 1871 census. There are a number of commercial providers of census returns. These include:


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Note: the directory lists the names in the following order: Surname, First Name. It also abbreviates names. These have been reversed and typed in full to assist research.

My ancestor lived here at this time, but why aren't they listed here? Answer: Not everyone appeared in a trade directory. Please read our Trade Directories article.

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William Hast, master mariner, 30 Church Street
Robert Hill, grocer, 7 King's Head Street
Daniel Howard, lighterman, 25 King's Quay Street
John Kemble Howard, custom house officer, 43 Church Street
John Hucks, King's Head PH, 8 Market Street
Bede Hutchinson, custom house officer, 43 Church Street
William Jacklin, New Swan PH, 14 King's Head Street
Thomas Jennings, Alma PH, and fish salesman, 25 King's Head Street
Robert Jerman, block maker, 2 King's Head Street
Abraham Jordan, livery stable keeper, Wellington Road
George Keeble, shopkeeper, 28 Church Street
Benjamin Kettle, tailor, 20 Church Street
George King, White Hart PH, West Street
James King, custom house officer, 40 West Street
Mrs. Martha King, shopkeeper, 15 King's Quay Street
James Knight, master mariner, 15 King's Head Street
William Knott, surgeon, Wellington Road
Frank Laurance, master mariner, West Street
William Lawrence, dining rooms, and cowkeeper, 65 Church Street
John Lewis, submarine engineer, 12 Eastgate Street
Robert Lewis, Angel PH, King's Quay Street
James Mackrill, shipowner, 71 Church Street
Alexander McMillan, Duke of Norfolk PH, King's Quay Street
George Mallows, master mariner, 3 Church Lane
Edward Manhood, pork butcher, 9 Market Street
Nathaniel Manhood, greengrocer, 2 St. Austin's Lane
Isaac Manning, smack owner, Half Moon Street
James Manning, hair dresser, 16 King's Quay Street
Robert Martin, William the Fourth PH, 65 West Street
Arthur Matthews, surgeon, 77 West Street
William Meachen, shopkeeper, 60 King's Quay Street
Meat Market, William Salter, collector, King's Quay Street
Robert Middleton, shoe maker, 15 West Street
William Middleton, master mariner, 16 King's Head Street
Charles Miller, Royal hotel, Market Place
William Lewis Miller, custom house officer, 47 West Street
William Lewis Gabriel Miller, baker, 6 King's Quay Street
Mrs. Judith Mills, shopkeeper, 10 West Street
Richard Mills, boot maker, 18 Church Street
Mrs. Sophia Mills, dressmaker, 18 Church Street
William Moore, grocer, Market Street
James Morley, Wellington PH, 18 King's Quay Street
William Murray, harbour master, 34 West Street
Nalborough and Sons, importing merchants, 19 Market Street

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Paddle Steamer, Harwich
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George Nalborough, outfitter and draper, 18 and 19 Market Street
Robert Nalborough, mast and block maker, out part Ward East
Samuel John Newton, builder and contractor, 36 West Sreet
Mrs. Susannah Newton, builder, 35 West Street
William Norman, pork butcher, 24 Church Street
James Nunn, master mariner, 25 Church Street
Robert Orvis, Globe PH, 5 King's Quay Street
John Osborne, beer retailer, Church Street
Robert Oxley, grocer, 14 Market Street
James Pain, cooper, 14 George Street
Edward Paine, New Bell PH, Market Place
Mrs. Ann Parson, lodging house, New Road
Parsons and Cann, shipwrights, Bath Side
Alfred Augustus Parsons, watch maker, 11 King's Quay Street
John Parsons, boat builder and shipwright, 31 West Street
Samuel Parsons, furniture broker, 69 Church Street
Robert Pattle, butcher, 15 Market Street
James Peachey, toy warehouse, Bath House
James Cooper Pells, 56 West Street
Periodical Book Society Richard Barnes, hon. sec., 63 Church Street
James Points, marine store dealer, 4 Wellington Road
Miss Sarah Poppy, clothier, King's Quay Street
William Thomas Poppy, clothier, 11 St. Austin's Lane
John Pratt, Royal Oak PH, Market Street
Mrs. Mary Pryor, Half Moon PH, 15 St. Austin's Lane
William Puxley, master mariner, 74 West Street
Elijah Race, county court bailiff, 13 Wellington Place
Mrs. Emma Raven, shipowner, West Street
William Raven, master mariner, 45 West Street
John Rayson, boot maker, 57 West Street
Frederick Read, shoe maker. Market Place
Mrs. Mary Ann Read, shopkeeper, 10 Church Street
Johnson Richmond, shipowner, 50 West Street
William Robinson, fishmonger. 2 King's Quay Street
George Wright Rowland, beer retailer
Royal Engineers' Office, Capt. John Mabbott Morgan, R.E., Wellington Road
Royal Harwich Yacht Club, Benjamin Goodwin, hon. treasurer and sec.
Mrs. Louisa,Rumsey Spread Eagle PH, 75 West Street
William Sallows, eating house, 55 Church Street
Charles Salter, Railway Tavern PH, George Street
Edward Salter, postmaster, Church Street

Church Street, Harwich © Copyright Footstepsphotos 2006. http://www.footstepsphotos.co.uk/index.html
Church Street, Harwich
Low resolution copy courtesy of Footsteps' Shop on Ebay. Quality postcards of Essex.

Robert Salter, baker, 9 St. Austin's Lane
William Salter, auctioneer and fish salesman, 55 King's Quay Street
Mrs. Susannah Saxby, beer retailer,34 King's Head Street
Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Royal Benevolent Society, Oliver J. Williams, hon. agent, 2 Market Street
James Sider, shopkeeper, 27 Church Street
William Smith, fruiterer, 6 Market Street
James Spracklin, beer retailer, Bath Side
William Sterry, carpenter, 27 King's Head Street
William Tattersall, chief officer of coast guard, Angel Battery
Thorn and Manhood, boat builders, George Street
George Tricker, master mariner, 52 West Street
James Macrof Turnage, coffee rooms, 49 King's Quay Street
John Turnidge, shoe warehouse, Market Street
John Tye, Duke's Head PH, Church Street
John Vaux, ship builder and owner, Royal Naval Yard
William Vince, shoe maker, Market Place
John Vincent, pork butcher and plumber, 12 Church Street
James Ward, greengrocer, 12 St. Austin's Lane
William Henry Ward, shoe maker, 68 West Street
John Robert Watson, printer and stationer, 13 Market Street
John Watts, merchant and shipowner, 39 Church Street
Walter John Watts, barge owner and sail maker, 39 Church Street
Edward Webber, shipsmith, 39 West Street
John Wells, blacksmith and ironmonger, George Street
William Went, boot maker and leather cutter, 3 Market Street
Mrs. Lydia West, hair dresser, 60 Church Street
John Whitmore, ship broker, 38 West Street
Henry Whyatt, beer retailer, George Street
Thomas Wilding, builder, West Street
Oliver John Williams, shipping agent, 2 Market Street
Robert Wilson, Trinity pilot, New Road
William Wilson, confectioner, 3 Church Street
Joseph Winney, shopkeeper, 25 West Street
John William Wood, collector of customs, 26 Church Street
Augustine Worts, chemist and druggist, 1 Market Street

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print published 1834

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