History of Braintree

London Road, Braintree, Essex.  (Neg. 46721)  © Copyright The Francis Frith Collection 2005. http://www.francisfrith.com
London Road, Braintree, 1901
Reproduced courtesy of The Francis Frith Collection.

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If you wish to trace any of these people on the census returns, the nearest census date for this 1848 directory is the 1851 census. There are a number of commercial providers of census returns. These include:


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The Genealogist

Note: the directory lists the names in the following order: Surname, First Name. It also abbreviates names. These have been reversed and typed in full to assist research.

My ancestor lived here at this time, but why aren't they listed here? Answer: Not everyone appeared in a trade directory. Please read our Trade Directories article.

You should also consider newspaper archives. With millions of pages now online, there is always the possibility of finding articles featuring your ancestors. Discover how to explore newspaper archives.

Those in Bocking are labeled as such, the remainder are in Braintree.

Market Square, Braintree © Copyright Footstepsphotos 2006. http://www.footstepsphotos.co.uk/index.html
Market Square, Braintree
Low resolution copy courtesy of Footsteps' Shop on Ebay. Quality postcards of Essex.

Abraham Barnard, Lyons Hall, Bocking
Arthur Bentall, Stampford Green Joseph Davis Burder, Marks
Pattrick Green, Colnaildhurst
Henry Hobbs, Great Bradfords, Bocking
William Hobbs, Dorewards Hall, Bocking
William Hockley, Hopkilns
Abraham Huntley, New Road
Joseph Leggo, Boones, Bocking
Thomas Parmenter, Garret Farm, Bocking
Sarah Peers, Highfield Style, Bocking
William Perkins, Stampfords Abraham Quilter, Queenborough Lane
Mrs. Ann Raven, Bocking Hall
Joseph Shuttlewood, Church Lane, Bocking
Daniel Smith, Park Farm
John Smith, Barnards Land
Charles Tabor, Bovingdon Hall, Bocking
Samuel Tabor, Fennes, Bocking
John Tunbridge, Stubbs
Charles Turner, London Road,
Thomas Wakelin, Hill House
Thomas Wright, London Road

Eliza Beuzeville and Mary Jane Beuzeville, Bocking End
Sarah Birdseye, Back Lane
Sarah Mary Boosey, Bradford Street, Bocking
Louisa Counsins, London Road
Philip Parish, Eliza Holland and Mary Rawlinson, British Schools, Bocking End
Alexander Hart, London Road
Catherine Mary Hart, London Road
Ann Letch, Bradford Street, Bocking
Isaac Boosey Belcher, National and Free School
James Dixon and Mary Clark, National and Free School, Bocking
Ebeneza Quant, London Road
Sophia Lousisa Sach, Church Lane
George Saltmarsh, Bocking
Henry Simons, High Street
Mary Ann Strait, Bocking
Sarah Ann Webb, High Garret

Edward George Craig
John Holmes, Bocking
Henry Jackson
Michael Lane
Frederick Smoothy

Chapel Hill, Braintree © Copyright Footstepsphotos 2006. http://www.footstepsphotos.co.uk/index.html
Chapel Hill, Braintree
Low resolution copy courtesy of Footsteps' Shop on Ebay. Quality postcards of Essex.

John Joscelyne William Kirkham Cable
Bakers and Flour Dealers.
Philip Hance Ager
Thomas Bearman
Aaron Breed
Bartholomew Brown, Bocking
James Butcher
Samuel Chinery
David Clark, Bocking
Ezekiel Cooper
Joseph Cooper
Charles Freeborn, Bocking
James Gosling
William Harrington
Thomas Lewis,Bocking
David Lewsey
Frederick Mansfield
William Owers
George Palmer, Bocking
William Parker
Joseph Parmenter,Bocking
Samuel Piggin
William Polley
John Pudney
John Sly
Thomas Hawkins Thomas
Anthony Tyler, Bocking

Basket and Sieve Makers.
John Collis
Daniel Good

John Bloomfield
Henry Gentry, Bocking
Samuel Hawkes, Bocking
Hannah Hicks
Thomas Humphrey, Bocking
Josiah Asaph Smith
Thomas Warren

Booksellers and Stationers, etc.
John Arnold
John Baker
Joseph Bearman, Bocking
William Brown, Bocking
William Carter, Bocking
Henry Coates and William Coates, Bocking
James Coates, Bocking
Thomas Collis
John Elger
Thomas Eve
Thomas Fuller
John Wilkin Garret
James Goodwin
William Gooday
Samuel Hardy
James Holland
Joseph Holland, Bocking End
James Holmes
Joseph Juniper
Henry King, Bocking
William Lambert, Bocking
David Oxbrow
Samuel Peters, Bocking
James Pluck
James Randle
Joseph Rust
Isaac Sewell, Bocking
George Spurgeon
John Wendon, Bocking
George Willsher
James Wood
Thomas Wood, Bocking

High Street, Braintree © Copyright Footstepsphotos 2006. http://www.footstepsphotos.co.uk/index.html
High Street, Braintree
Low resolution copy courtesy of Footsteps' Shop on Ebay. Quality postcards of Essex.

Braziers and Tinners.
John Gentry, jun., (and bellringer), Bocking
Frederick Knight, Bocking
John Possell

John Gosling, Bocking
Lewis Spicer, Bocking End
William Willsher

Brick and Tile Makers.
Abraham Graham
John Mott
George Sadler

Richard Bowtle, Bocking
John Brown, Bocking End
John King, Bocking
William Parmenter, Bocking
Joseph Rayner, Bocking
William Watson

Isaac Andrews
James Bullard
Mary Chamberlain, Bocking
William Cook
William Golding
Abraham Medcalf
Alfred Medcalf
Arthur Medcalf
Elizabeth Medcalf, Bocking
Thomas Isaac Messent
John Mortier
William Owers
Charles Philip Parker
James Perry, Bocking
George Phillips, Bocking
Charles Rashbrooke
Sarah Turner
James Underwood

Cabinet Makers, etc.
James Brenes, (and turner)
John Josecelyne
James Prance

Chemists and Druggists.
Thomas Ingledew
Thomas Jull
Ebenezer Pearse, Bocking End
John Poulton

Clothes Dealers.
Thomas Archer
Mrs. Phoebe Goose
E.F. Jewell
Henry Smith
Mary Ann White

Coach Builders.
Robert Fake
John Smee, Bocking

Ezekiel Cooper
Israel Daniels
Mary Low, Bocking End
George Palmer, Bocking

Joseph Andrews, Bocking End
Stephen Brown
Samuel Cocksedge
William Parneter, Bocking

Corn Millers.
James Digby
William Dixon
Elizabeth Green, Bocking
Henry Hobbs
Frederick Mansfield
Frederick Playle, B

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Braintree - Cary's New and Correct English Atlas, 1798

Braintree - First Series Ordnance Survey Map 1805

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