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South Street, Braintree, 1903, Essex.  (Neg. 62117)  © Copyright The Francis Frith Collection 2005. http://www.francisfrith.com
South Street, Braintree, 1903
Reproduced courtesy of The Francis Frith Collection.

History of Braintree and Bocking >> White's Directory 1848

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If you wish to trace any of these people on the census returns, the nearest census date for this 1848 directory is the 1851 census. There are a number of commercial providers of census returns. These include:


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The Genealogist

Note: the directory lists the names in the following order: Surname, First Name. It also abbreviates names. These have been reversed and typed in full to assist research.

My ancestor lived here at this time, but why aren't they listed here? Answer: Not everyone appeared in a trade directory. Please read our Trade Directories article.

You should also consider newspaper archives. With millions of pages now online, there is always the possibility of finding articles featuring your ancestors. Discover how to explore newspaper archives.

Those in Bocking are labelled as such, the remainder are in Braintree.

brick building exterior © Copyright Footstepsphotos 2006. http://www.footstepsphotos.co.uk/index.html
The Rayne Road, Braintree, c.1910
Low resolution copy courtesy of Footsteps' Shop on Ebay. Quality postcards of Essex.

Mr. Joseph Balfour, Bocking
John Bausor, inspector of police, Bocking
Isaac Boosey Belcher, parish clerk
Mrs. Lydia Betts, Bocking
Stephen Beuzeville, bookkeeper, Bocking
William Bigg, cutler
Mrs. Elizabeth Bishop, Bocking
John Bragg, schoolmaster, Union Workhouse
George Bridge, tallow chandler and soap manufacturer
Mr. Joseph Bridge
Misses Elizabeth Bright and Sophia Bright
Mr. John Bradford Bright, Bocking
Lucy Brooks, registrar for servants
John Alexander Brown, organ builder, piano forte maker and tuner, Bocking End
James Burton, coach proprietor
Robert Byford, straw plat dealer
Rev. Henry Carrington M.A., rector and dean, Deanery , Bocking
Rev. John Carter (Independent)
Thomas Carter, bookkeeper, Bocking
Mrs. Louisa Chase, Bocking
Mrs. Cheap, Bocking
Mrs. Mary Cook, Bocking End
Mrs. Mary Cornell, Bocking End
George Courtauld, silk manufacturer, Bocking
John Courtauld, silk manufacturer, Bocking
Samuel Courtauld, silk manufacturer
Mrs. Sophia Courtauld, Bocking
Mr. William Cousins, Bocking
Rev. Thomas Craig, (Independent), Bocking
John Cunnington, solicitor and Union clerk
Abraham Cutts, coal and rag dealer
Mr. edward Davey
H.T. Danvers, bank manager
Mrs. Elizabeth Davie

brick building exterior © Copyright Footstepsphotos 2006. http://www.footstepsphotos.co.uk/index.html
The Railway Station, Braintree, c.1910
Low resolution copy courtesy of Footsteps' Shop on Ebay. Quality postcards of Essex.

Mr. David Davies
John Davis, manager, silk mill
Thomas Drover, brush manufacturer, Bocking
Mrs. Grace Dixon
Henry Downes, mason, Bocking
Rev. Robert Easum M.A., curate, Bocking
Peter Ellistaon, fellmonger, Hoppit
Isabell Fish, furrier
Mrs Sarah French, Bocking
Joseph Garret, manager, Gas Works
Mrs. Mary Gepp, Bocking
Elizabeth Golding, neat's-foot distributor
Miss Hannah Gosling, Bocking
Mr. John Grubb
Rev. Richard Gurden, curate of Panfield
Ebeneza Harris, dyer, (and Colchester)
Thomas Harris, lath render, Bocking
Mrs. Margaret Harrison
Samuel, ironfounder and agricultural machine maker, Bocking
Thomas Hayward, clerk
Samuel Hayward, coach proprieter, Bocking
James Herbert, glover
Mrs. Anna Hobbs, Bocking
Mrs. Amy Holmstead, Bocking
Miss Elizabeth Joscelyne
Mrs, Mary Joscelyne
Miss Sarah Joscelyne
Mr. Isaac King, Bocking
John Last, hardwareman
John Stock Legerton, gentleman, Bocking
Henry Le'Keux, engraver
Mrs. Mary Lorkin, Bocking
Richard List, traveller
Mr. Samuel Malings, police superintendent, Bocking
William Malyon, governor, Union Workhouse
Mr. William Manning
Mrs. Manthorpe, Bocking
Charles Martin, engineer at silk factory, Bocking
George Lacey May, gentleman
Thomas Mortlock, carrier
Mr. Charles Mott
William Newman, sexton, Bocking
Mrs. Martha Pask
Samuel Piggin, deputy registrar
Felix Pilcher, tax surveyor, Bocking End
Miss Elizabeth Polley, Bocking
Mr. Hyem Porter
Jeffrey Purl, farrier, Bocking
Miss Mary Ralling, Bocking
James Randle, general dealer and agent
Mrs. Eliza Rankin

Market Square, Braintree © Copyright Footstepsphotos 2006. http://www.footstepsphotos.co.uk/index.html
Market Square, Braintree
Low resolution copy courtesy of Footsteps' Shop on Ebay. Quality postcards of Essex.

Rev. David Rees, (Baptist)
Mr. Joseph Reeve, Bocking End
Mr. William Revell
Miss Harriet Richardson, Bocking
Mrs. Martha Robinson, Bocking
Mrs. G.E. Rolfe, Bocking
John Sargeant, dyer
Samuel Webb Savill Esq., Bocking
Rev. Bernard Scale M.A., vicar of Braintree, rector of Willingale Spain, Vicarage
Thomas Scales, excise officer
Mr. Hunton Shaw, Bocking
Maria Shave, ironmonger
George Shead, silk agent
William Shead, foreman
George Ardsley Slaughter, millwright, etc.
George Smith, manager, Silk Mill Henry Smith, manager, Bocking
John Duningham Smith, gun maker
Miss Maria Smith
Robert Johnson Strait, relieving officer
Mark STrutt, coal dealer
Mrs. Anna Tabor
Frederick Tabor, gentleman, Bocking
John Tabor, gentleman, Bocking
Miss Harriet Taylor, Bocking
Lieutenant Robert Cosby Tomlinson, R.N., registrar
Mr. Samuel Tunbridge
Samuel How Tweed, gentleman, Bocking
Eli Tyler, general agent, tax collector, Bocking End
Isaac Tyler, collector and agent, Bocking
Augustus Charles Veley, solicitor
Mrs. Emma Viall, Bocking
William Vinell, machine owner
Rev. Perryman Wakeham M.A.
Mrs. Susan Wakeham, Bocking End
Mrs. Susan Walford Esq., banker
Samuel Walker, cowkeeper
Mr. Joseph Ward
John West, brush, clog and pattern maker
Mr. Thomas Wiggett
Robert Wilkinson, whip maker
William Wilkinson, whip maker

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Braintree - Cary's New and Correct English Atlas, 1798

Braintree - First Series Ordnance Survey Map 1805

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