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History of Ardleigh >> Unofficial census of 1796 - Part 1

Unofficial census of 1796 - list of inhabitants - Part 1.

In September 1796, Britain was threatened with invasion by the French led by Napoleon Bonaparte. The vicar of Ardleigh at the time, the fore-sighted Reverend Kelly, undertook an official census of all the inhabitants of the parish in case it may be needed. He recorded his findings in the parish register which is now at the Essex Record Office under reference D/P 263/1/5. The following pages contain a transcription of the census. On the whole his writing is legible, but there are still one or two names and ages which may be incorrect. Refer to the orginal to confirm the information.

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Ardleigh © Copyright Footstepsphotos 2006. http://www.footstepsphotos.co.uk/index.html
Low resolution copy courtesy of Footsteps' Shop on Ebay. Quality postcards of Essex.

Reverend John Kelly, vicar, 46
Louisa Kelly, wife, 36
Gordon William Kelly, son, 10
John Went, servant, 23
John Wrench, servant, 21
Thomas Bateman, servant, 16
Jane Norris, servant, 25
Sarah Osborne, servant, 21

William Lugar, farmer, 48
Hannah Lugar, wife, 44
Sarah Lugar, daughter, 18
Hannah Lugar, daughter, 14
Mary Barker, servant, 18

John Bedford, wheelwright, 62
Elizabeth Bedford, wife, *6
John Bedford, son, 13
Joseph Lambe, servant, 21
Robert Tenant, wheelwright, 19
Ann We**, servant, 15

Francis Jowers, blacksmith, 56
Sarah Jowers, wife, 45
Sarah Jowers, daughter, 25
Francis Jowers, son, 24
Elizabeth Jowers, daughter, 23
Richard Jowers, son, 21
Susannah Jowers, daughter, 10
David Jowers, son, 9
Erasmus Jowers, son, 7
Mary Jowers, daughter, 1

William Jowers, blacksmith, 61
John Sergeant, son-in-law, 41
Ann Sergeant, wife, 35
William Sergeant, son, 16
John Sergeant, son, 12
Samuel Sergeant, son, 9
Mary Sergeant, daughter, 6
Joseph Sergeant, son, 4
Henry James Sergeant, son, 2

Abigail Johnson, widow, 64
Martha Loft, lodger, 26
Loft , daughter, 1

Jonathan Bull, innkeeper, 33
Mary Bull, wife, 32
Jonathan Bull, son, 7
George Bull, son, 3
Mary Bull, daughter, 2
Ann Bull, daughter, 1
Mary Long, servant, 21

Edward Lappidge, shopkeeper, 51
Temperous Lappidge, wife, 52
Temperous Lappidge, daughter, 26
Elizabeth Lappidge, daughter, 23
Mary Lappidge, daughter, 17

William Merchant, thatcher, 45
Ann Merchant, wife, 43
William Merchant, son, 19
James Merchant, son, 17
John Merchant, son, 14
Robert Merchant, son, 12
Susan Merchant, daughter, 10
Elizabeth Merchant, daughter, 8
Samuel Merchant, son, 6
Edward Merchant, son, 4
Ann Merchant, daughter, 2

John Whitaker, wheelwright, 26
Susan Whitaker, wife, 22
John Whitaker, son, 1
Abraham Whinney, lodger, 76

Mary Jowers, widow, 45
Mary Jowers, daughter, 19
Francis Jowers, son, 17
Hannah Jowers, daughter, 15
George Stephenson, lodger, 40

William Linnet, collarmaker, 28
Phoebe Linnet, wife, 25
Phoebe Linnet, daughter, 3
Sarah Linnet, daughter, 1
Henry Ling, lodger, 40
John Ling, son, 12
Elizabeth Ling, daughter, 10
Mary Ling, daughter, 10
Daniel Tibbalds, lodger, 19

James Lott, husbandman, 50
Mary Lott, wife, 27

Thomas Rowland, glover, 54
Elizabeth Rowland, wife, 54

John Bond, blacksmith, 57
Samuel Bond, son, 24
Mary Bond, wife, 22

Samuel Francis, wheelwright, 51
Sarah Francis, wife, 50
Samuel Francis, son, 16
John Francis, son, 15
Elizabeth Francis, daughter, 13
Thomas Francis, son, 12
Alice Francis, daughter, 9
James Francis, carpenter, 53
Elizabeth Francis, wife, 56
John Francis, son, 20
William Francis, son, 16
Mary Francis, daughter, 12
Hannah Francis, daughter, 11
Sarah Francis, daughter (absent), 21

Robert King, butcher, 35
Elizabeth King, wife, 25
Elizabeth King, daughter, 1

Sarah Ingram, widow, 52

William Munson, shoemaker, 30

George Biggs, innkeeper, 27
Anne Biggs, wife, 27
James Biggs, son, 5
Benjamin Biggs, son, 2
Elizabeth Gunn, servant, 17
James Alliston, servant, 18
William Tricker, servant, 30

Robert Bacon, shoemaker, 26
Mary Bacon, wife, 27
Robert Bacon, son, 9
Charles Bacon, son, 7
John Bacon, son, 3
James Bacon, son, 1
John Strutt, journeyman, 19
Edward Denney, journeyman, 50
William Bond, father in law, 50
William Bond, grandfather, 86
Thomas Baker, husbandman, 56

Mary Baker, wife, 55
Mary Vincent, (step-)daughter (at Elmstead), 26
Ann Vincent, step-daughter, 20

John Bond, tailor, 52
Jane Bond, wife, 51
Elizabeth Bond, daughter (at Manningtree), 26
John Bond, son (at Elmstead), 25
Mary Bond, daughter (at Peckham), 23
William Bond, son (at sea), 20
Sarah Bond, daughter (at Peckham), 19
Jacob Bond, son and taylor (tailor), 17
Jane Bond, daughter, 16
Miles Bond, son, 13
Abraham Bond, son, 12
Isaac Bond, son, 9

Samuel James, husbandman, 30
Lucy James, wife, 31
Lucy James, daughter, 8
Mary James, daughter, 6
Elizabeth James, daughter, 3
John Arthy, husbandman, 25
Ann Arthy, wife, 23
Rose Pitt (or Pill), mother-in-law, 69
Elizabeth Arthy, daughter, 2

Robert Munson, constable, 40
Mary Munson, wife, 33
John Munson, sailor, 14
William Munson, son, 12
Mary Munson, daughter, 11
Sarah Munson, daughter, 6
Mira Munson, daughter, 4
Elizabeth Munson, daughter, 1

Henry Sadler, husbandman, 60
Susan Sadler, wife, 40
Mary Sadler, daughter (at Stratford), 22
William Sadler, sailor, 19
Henry Sadler, son, 12
James Sadler, son, 9
John Sadler, son, 2
Susan Winney, widow, 33
John Carde, son, 13
William Winney, son, 8
Sarah Winney, daughter, 4
Mary Ann Winney, daughter, 3
Louisa Winney, daughter, 1

James Burman, husbandman, 24
Ann Burman, wife, 25
Maria Burman, daughter, 1

James Bond, shopkeeper, 40
Sarah Hazell, housekeeper, 50
Sarah Deekes, lodger, 25

Robert Went, husbandman, 60
Susan Went, daughter, 15

Henry Blackburne, husbandman, 47
Ann Blackburne, wife, 50
Ann Blackburne, daughter, 16
Henry Blackburne, son, 15
Andrew Blackburne, son, 14
Rebecca Blackburne, daughter (at Kelvedon), 12
Anthony Blackburne, son, 11
Mary Ann Blackburne, daughter, 7

Samuel Pratt, husbandman, 25
Ann Pratt, wife, 24
Ann Appleby, mother-in-law, 50

Stephen Avis, husbandman, 40
Elizabeth Avis, wife, 40
Elizabeth Avis, daughter, 12
Ann Avis, daughter, 8
James Avis, son, 1

Richard King, husbandman, 39
Ann King, wife, 34
Mary King, daughter, 11
Richard King, son, 7
John King, son, 5
Joseph King, son, 3

Mary Playle, widow, 64

Hannah Norfolk, widow, 43
Robert Norfolk, butcher and son, 19
James Norfolk, blacksmith (and son?), 17
Thomas Norfolk, son, 13
Joseph Norfolk, son, 9
William Norfolk, son, 5

Joseph Southgate, husbandman, 40
Mary Southgate, wife, 34
Sarah Southgate, daughter, 11
Rebecca Southgate, daughter, 8
Joseph Southgate, son, 6
William Southgate, son, 3
Hannah Southgate, daughter, 1

Part 1. Continues >> Part 2

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