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Tour of the village - 1871.

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Kelvedon Hatch in the 1870s was a community involved with work on the land. All sections of the community: the landowners, the farmers, the tradesmen, and the agricultural labourers, had their lives affected by the success or failure of agriculture.

In this tour you will also visit the part of Doddinghurst parish known as Fox Hatch which is now part of the present village, the boundaries having been changed in the 1970s.

The full details of the occupants of all the premises are from the census returns for Kelvedon Hatch, 1871. Published by permission of the Public Record Office.

If you wish to trace any of these people on the census returns then there are a number of commercial providers of census returns. These include:

For more information on the various census and how they were carried out, see our article: The Census 1841 - 1911.

Kelvedon Hatch had a population of 401: 223 men and 178 women. A disproportion found in most agricultural areas.The growth and decline of the population of Kelvedon Hatch from 1801 until 1891 followed the trend of other villages in Victorian England. While the villages lost their populations, nearby towns and cities grew in size. Their population increase was due to immigration of young people and high fertility rates because of early marriages amongst those young people.

The 19th century growth of the population of Kelvedon Hatch to its zenith in 1851 can be attributed to the enclosure of the common land which encouraged farming of that land, the building of new houses upon it, and improved transport links to the London markets via the railway: first at Brentwood and then at Ongar.

These new transport links, the decline of agriculture, poor wages and conditions, were to create an increasingly mobile population, especially the young and single of both sexes. Young people left home at an early age and kinship ties were important, especially in the city areas, in giving assistance to other family members. However, there were still those individuals who had lived all their lives in the village and had probably never gone beyond neighbouring parishes.

Classification of households by household head - 1871
There were 82 households.

Population of Kelvedon Hatch and surrounding parishes.
Kelvedon Hatch 361 430 502 454 401 375 368
Navestock 852 887 982 928 913 834 736
Stondon Massey 299 291 268 273 285 261 259
Doddinghurst 372 419 393 394 426 401 401
High Ongar (part of the town of Ongar) 1205 1240 1147 1177 1157 1063 1142
Stanford Rivers (rural parish but contained the workhouse) 905 972 1082 992 958 975 982
South Weald (part of the town of Brentwood) 1183 1450 1383 2116 2994 3765 5013