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Tithe Map - 1837 - Kelvedon Hatch

Before 1837 tithes were a system of parish tax where a tenth part of income earned from the production of produce, stock, wood and labour went towards the upkeep of the incumbent of the parish church. The produce was often stored in tithe barns.

Under the Tithe Commutation Act, 1836, tithes could be commuted to a rent charge. Commissioners were appointed who negotiated with landowners in the parishes and drew up detailed parish maps and schedules of landowners, occupiers and the rent payable. In the case of Kelvedon Hatch, an agreement was drawn up and dated 9 March, 1837.

The original map and schedule is now held in the Essex Record Office. A copy is held in the church safe.

Tithe Map 1837 showing area around Brizes
Tithe Map 1837 showing area around Brizes.
Map in the author's ownership. No known copyright restrictions.

Below is part of the schedule. The numbers refer to the plots of land on the original map. The land described as 'allotments' were the remaining parcels of common land which passed into the hands of private landowners. This coincided with the drawing up of the Tithe Map. Following these allotments there followed a certain amount of new building on the old common land areas especially in the south of the parish.

Land                                       Owner                                             Occupier
1. Langford Bridge Farm John Francis WRIGHT Thomas CASE
2. Germans farm John Francis WRIGHT John THOMAS
3. Kelvedon Hall & land John Francis WRIGHT Rev. Edward LINZEE
4. Pump House Farm John Francis WRIGHT James REEVE
5. Land John WALDEGRAVE William FROOT
6. Land John WALDEGRAVE Henry MOTT
7. Wood John WALDEGRAVE In hand
8. Dodds Farm John Simpson JESSOP William SIMONS
9. Mansion, Park, etc (Brizes) Miss Jane DOLBY In hand
10. Cottages John Francis WRIGHT
11. Lovelands Mr James LOVE Mr James LOVE
12. New allotments Mr John THOMAS In hand
13. New allotment Sarah BARKER
14. New allotment Samuel GREEN In hand
15. New allotment  William KING Jnr. In hand
16. New allotment  Solomon MENTOR John SMITH
17. Land Santos Emanual DIAS Esq. John SMITH
18. New allotment Santos Emanuel DIAS Esq.
19. House and land Archer MOSS Charles GROVES
20. New allotments Archer MOSS Charles GROVES
21. Cottages and land Jeremiah LAGDEN
22. New allotments Jeremiah LAGDEN
23. House and land Mr John SMITH William DUNNINGS
24. New allotments Mr John SMITH William DUNNINGS
25. New allotments Miss Jane DOLBY
26. New allotments John ROYDS Jnr. Esq. In hand
27. New allotments Rev. Edward LINZEE In hand
28. New allotment William COOPER In hand
29. House and garden Mrs Elizabeth KEATING In hand
30. House and garden Mrs Elizabeth KEATING COLEMAN John
31. New allotments Mrs Elizabeth KEATING In hand
32. House and land John Francis WRIGHT Esq. John SMITH
33. New allotments John Francis WRIGHT Esq In hand
34. Cottage Miss Jane DOLBY William COOPER
35. New allotment Samuel GREEN In hand
36. Public House Samuel GREEN
37. Cottages John Francis WRIGHT Esq.
38. Cottages Mrs Elizabeth CAPPER
39. New allotment Mrs Elizabeth CAPPER In hand
40. New allotment John Simpson JESSOP
41. Cottages etc. William KING Snr.
42. New allotments William KING Snr.
43. Cottages William KING Snr.
44. House etc. John HOLDEN In hand
45. New allotment John HOLDEN
46. Cottage and garden Trustees of Geo. SARLING
46a. New allotment Trustees of Geo. SARLING
47. In Brizes Park Overseers of Kelvedon Poor Miss Jane DOLBY
47a. Cottages and land Overseers of Kelvedon Poor
48. Allotments for spade husbandry Overseers of Kelvedon Poor
49. House and land William KING Jnr. John MARSHALL
50. Cottages and gardens William KING Jnr. George BARNES
50a Cottages and garden William KING Jnr.
51. Mill Cottage land John Francis WRIGHT Esq. Richard WOODFINE
52. New allotments Richard WOODFINE In hand
53. Kelvedon Hatch Farm John Francis WRIGHT Richard LAGDEN
54. Wood John Francis WRIGHT In hand
55. Priors Farm John FANE Esq. George BLACK Mr.
56. Glebe House and land Rev. John BANISTER Rector Rev. John ALDER
57. Glebe land Rev. John BANISTER Rector John SMITH
58. Part of Little Myles's John FANE Esq. James REEVE
59. Little Myles's John FANE Esq. William BAKER
60. Great Myles's John FANE Esq. Alexander GORDON
61. Clap Gate Farm (part of) John FANE Esq. Henry ROBINSON
62. Woods John FANE Esq. In hand
63. Land Ann MYERS Mrs KESTERMAN Capt.
64. Adjoining Littlebury Mill WAITT Mr

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