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Education in Kelvedon Hatch - School Log Book 1884-1897 - Part 2

With the kind permission of the Head Teacher of Kelvedon Hatch School, historyhouse has been given access to the School Log Books.

The Head Teacher was required to report weekly in the Log Book on any events during the week which were unusual, attendance figures, equipment supplied, visits by the School Board, School Inspectors, yearly School Reports, admissions, re-admissions, and those who had left. Some of the pupils who attended the lived in the parishes of Doddinghurst and Navestock.

This is a selection of comments from the Log Books which may be of interest or reveal the names of pupils. It is not a complete record of their contents as much of it is mudane. The first teacher, Mr Henry Cawdron, whose entries for 1879-1884 appear here, was very descriptive in his Log Book and provides a glimpse into 19th century life in the village.

There followed briefly, an unnamed teacher, and then Mr Charles F. White whose entries appear below.

Click here for the pupils' Admissions, Re-admissions, and Leavers 1879-1897

Charles Frederick White
Charles Frederick White,
school master
Mary Ann White
Mary Ann White (his wife),
Alice Dutton
Miss Alice Dutton,
assistant teacher in 1893,
later left to become the village postmistress.

09.05.1884 Appointment of new school master (name not supplied). Mrs Mann Sewing Mistress and Assistant.

13.10.1884 School master resigned

20.10.1884 Mr Charles Frederick White commenced, Mrs White assistant

07.04.1885 Diptherea prevelant

14.08.1885 "Betsy and Ada Hammond two children recently admitted have been requested not to come again, their heads being in a dirty condition, have told them to go to the school in their own parish."

25.09.1885 "Several children absent picking blackberries. Sent list of absentees to attendance officer"

12.10.1885 "The school was closed to-day on account of its being Ongar Fair"

07.05.1886 "A little boy named William King died this week from diptheria, after a few days illness"

30.07.1886 "..whooping cough and mumps still continue in the parish, making the attendance still bad"

03.11.1886 "A holiday given this afternoon in consequence of a circus being in the neighbourhood."

12.11.1886 "Punished two boys for using bad language in the playground"

30.11.1886"..measles has broken out in the parish, eighteen of the children are absent through this"

03.12.1886 "..measles still spreading"

05.12 - 27.12.1886 "School closed through epidemic of measles"

06.06.1887 "Miss Maling commenced duties as Assistant Mistress"

21.06.1887 "No school being the day set apart to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee"

31.10.1887 "..attendance to-day worse than it has been for some time [...] it is expected that a large number are away picking up acorns"

20.01.1888 "..punished Oswald Webster for repeated bad conduct in his class"

22.06.1888 "..punished William Jordan and Alfred Monk for bad language"

29.06.1888 "..the children were given a holiday this afternoon, owing to the re-opening of the Church"

31.05.1889 "Miss Maling resigned to-day, her position as Assistant Mistress"

03.06.1889 "Mrs White commenced duties as Assistant Mistress"

29.06.1888 "the children were given a holiday this afternoon, owing to the re-opening of the Church"

26.07.1889 "Cautioned children as to their behaviour on their way to, and from, school"

07.10.1889 "The Rev S. Slocock resigned his position this morning as Chairman of the Board (on his leaving the parish) much to the regret of the Members and parishioners. The Master on behalf of the children, presented the Rev. S. Slocock, with an inkstand, as a parting remembrance, for the interest he has always shown in their welfare"

25.10.1889 "Cautioned children as to their behaviour on their way to, and from, school"

31.10.1889 "Punished Albert Caton for disorderly behaviour on leaving school"

19.11.1889 "The Rev. D. W. Peregrine, Chairman of the Kelvedon Hatch School Board visited the school this afternoon"

24.01.1890 - 03.02.1890 Attendance very poor "several families having been attacked with the prevailing epidemic of influenza"

14.03.1890 "The master commenced a scheme for improving the attendance, by giving a ticket to all children who have attended each time the school has been opened. Those who obtain the most tickets are to receive the best prizes, at the end of the school year"

07.07.1890 "A little boy Frederick Challis, ran out of the playground into the road, and was knocked down by a passing cart, but fortunately was not injured"

15.07.1890 "No school to-day, the Church Choir having an excursion to Southend, the Master with several of the boys accompanying the same"

03.11.1890 "Punished William Locke and Frederick Challis, 6 years of age, who spent a portion of their school pence"

04.05.1891 "It was reported that Scarlet Fever had broken out in the parish, a family of the name of Crisp being attacked with the disease. To prevent any spread of the disease, Mabel Young, has been ordered to stay from school as she was in the infected house yesterday"

08.06.1891 "Mabel Young and the Crisps have returned to school this morning, the Medical Officer having certified that all fear of infection is over"

28.09.1891 "The School has become 'Free', the School Board having decided to accept the Fee Grant from the Education Department"

20.07.1891 "No School to-day. A Temperance Fete, being held in the village. The children having received Free Admission"

10.04.1893 "Alice Dutton commenced duties under Article 68"

20.06.1893 "No school to-day, an excursion from the village to Clacton-on-Sea, taking the great majority of the children"

16.06.1893 "Expelled Louisa Carr on account of her dirty condition"

01.01.1894 "Robert and Patrick Rorke were sent home, as they are suffering from Ringworm"

05.02.1894 Inspectors report (extract): "Absentees: Jessie Durrant - sickness, Percy Caton - work as a milkboy, William Cook - ringworm"

12.07.1894 "School closed to-day, the majority of children going to Southend, for Sunday School Excursion"

30.10.1894 "No school to-day, the memorial stone of the new Parish Church being laid"

04.02.1895 Inspectors report (extract): "William Coleman - at Bournemouth due to ill-health, James Barr - Typhoid Fever, John Barr - Typhoid Fever, Maggie Barr - Typhoid Fever, Sydney Rainbird - just admitted, John Rainbird - Just admitted"

29.05.1895 "By permission of the School Board, Mr J.Barnett gave a lecture to the children in Standards, on "Alcohol and the Human Body".

23.04.1896 "Kate and Louisa Hammond, Emma, Albert, Robert and Annie Quilter, have been ordered to remain from School having measles at home"

22.06.1896 "Needlework not taken this afternoon. Mrs White having taken James Pegram to a doctor. The lad in jumping a hedge on his way to School, fell and dislocated his shoulder"

03.07.1896 "Several children absent, many of the parents having large gardens stocked with Currant-trees, and are glad of the help of children to help them"

30.10.1896 "Another case of Diphtheria has broken out in the parish, children ordered to remain from School"

11.12.1896 "The attendance has considerably fallen off, an epidemic of Mumps seems running through the school. 18 children absent through the same"

22.06.1897 "School closed for Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations"

mr white and his pupils

Mr White and pupils.

mr white and his pupils

Mrs White and pupils.

Log Book for 1879-1884

Admissions, Re-admissions, and Leavers 1879-1897

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