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School Log Book - Pupils, 1879 - 1897

With the kind permission of the Head Teacher of Kelvedon Hatch School, History House has been given access to the School Log Book for 1879 - 1897, and a great deal of information has now been copied from them. The Head Teacher was required to report weekly in the Log Book on any events during the week which were unusual, comments on attendance, equipment supplied, visits by the School Board, School Inspectors, yearly School Reports, admissions, re-admissions, and those who had left. Some of the pupils included those who lived in the parish of Doddinghurst and Navestock.

Below, are the names of those who were entered in the registers as admitted, re-admitted, or marked left. Some marked left were also described as "left the parish" or "left the neighbourhood". Some who had played truant were often marked as left and re-admitted on several occasions.

09.01.1880 Admitted: Amy Fitch, James Brown, John Sweeting, Louisa Enever
16.01.1880 Admitted: James and Eliza Beadle
23.01.1880 Admitted: Louisa Sitch
30.01.1880 Admitted: Joseph Fenner
13.02.1880 Admitted: William Littlechild
13.02.1880 Left: Frederick Baker
19.03.1880 Admitted: William Sarling; Left:James Jarvis, Frederick Baker
25.03.1880 Admitted: "James Jarvis again after nearly eight weeks' absence"
23.03.1880 Admitted: Charles Benton
30.04.1880 Admitted: James Enever
07.05.1880 Admitted: James William Jarvis
14.05.1880 Admitted: William Weal
25.06.1880 Admitted: Rose Jarvis
16.07.1880 Admitted: Alice Jarvis, James Weal
30.07.1880 Admitted: Florence Helen Hobby
13.08.1880 Left: William Weal, Elizabeth Malyon, James Jarvis, Walter Crabb
24.09.1880 Admitted: James Gosling, John Farrar
08.10.1880 Admitted: George Clark, Edward Johnson
22.10.1880 Left: Amy Ffitch (going to service), James Beadle, Eliza Beadle, William Sarling, Edward Johnson, Florence Hobby
05.11.1880 Admitted: Laura Enever
26.11.1880 Admitted: Emily Farrar
01.04.1881 Re-Admitted: James Gosling
08.04.1881 Left: Elizabeth Lagden, Richard Lagden, Rose Jarvis; Admitted: Thomas, George and Ellen King
01.04.1881 Re-Admitted: George Fitch
06.05.1881 Admitted: Charlotte M. Sweeting
13.05.1881 Admitted: Elizabeth Witherly
20.05.1881 Admitted: James Fitch, Florence Littlechild
17.06.1881 Left: Alfred Sawkins, James Weal, Jessie Ambrose, Florence Hobby
24.06.1881 Admitted: Florence Hobby, Mark Jarvis
16.07.1881 Admitted: Emily Little, William King, Maude Mason
30.09.1881 Admitted: Jane Porter, Alfred Sawkins; Left: William Dorrington, George Fitch, James Fitch, Mark Jarvis
07.10.1881 Admitted: Alice, John and Alfred Tyler; Re-Admitted: Rose Jarvis
04.11.1881 Admitted: Mary A. Knight, Harvey Knight, James Dorrington
11.11.1881 Admitted: Harriet Littlechild; Left: James Weal, Emily Little, Maude Mason
16.12.1881 Left: Ellen Sawkins
13.01.1882 Admitted: Elizabeth Rorke
19.05.1882 Admitted: Rose Boreham
09.06.1882 Left: James Weal; Re-Admitted: George Fitch; Admitted: May Conner
23.06.1882 Admitted: Joseph Rorke; Re-Admitted Elizabeth Rorke
21.07.1882 Left: Annie Sargent "gone to service", George Porter; Admitted: Ada Lawes
28.07.1882 Left: Thomas Littlechild
11.08.1882 Left: Joseph Fenner; Admitted: James Rorke, Lilly Enever
22.09.1882 Re-Admitted: George Fitch, Mark Jarvis; Admitted: Emily Hobby, George Sweeting, Josephine Lyon, Kathleen Lyon
29.09.1882 Admitted: Charles Povey; Re-Admitted: Maude Mason
06.10.1882 Left: Harriet Littlechild; Admitted: George Quilter
03.11.1882 Admitted: joseph Wallace
03.11.1882 Re-Admitted: James Weal
10.11.1882 Left: Joseph Wallace, Mark Jarvis, George Quilter, Florence Hobby
13.04.1883 Left: Thomas King, Alfred Enever
20.04.1883 Left: James Dorrington, Frances Hobby
22.06.1883 Admitted: Ada Metcalf
10.08.1883 Left: Emily Sarling, Agnes Rainbird
21.09.1883 Left: Emma and Florence Aylen, May Conner
12.10.1883 Left: William Little
19.10.1883 Left: Albert and Walter Malyon; Re-Admitted: James Dorrington
02.11.1883 Left: Charles Parvey
09.11.1883 Re-Admitted: Mark Jarvis
07.12.1883 Admitted: Oswald Rose, Gilbert Rose
04.01.1884 Admitted: Rose Fewell, Walter Barlow, Louisa Barlow
16.03.1885 Left: William Enever, James Dorrington
30.03.1885 Re-admitted: Alice Louisa Sarling
13.04.1885 Admitted: Ernest Enever; Re-admitted: James Dorrington
27.04.1885 Admitted: Lucy Sarling
04.05.1885 Admitted: Alice Enever
18.05.1885 Admitted: Louisa Powe
01.06.1885 Admitted: Florence Mary Green
12.06.1885 Left: William and Alice Jarvis
15.06.1885 Admitted: Henry Jarvis
26.06.1885 Left: Louisa Powe
06.07.2004 Admitted: Henry and Leonard Sheasby
13.07.1885 Admitted Eleanor Powe
27.06.1885 Admitted: Betsy & Ada Hammond
21.09.1885 Left: Alfred Tyler, Stanley Lowe, Hilda Lowe, Florence Hobby
02.10.1885 Left: Gilbert Rose
05.10.1885 Admitted: John Radford, Joseph and George Pratt
26.10.1885 Re-admitted: Hilda and Stanley Lowe
02.11.1885 Admitted: George and Ellen Green
03.11.1885 Admitted: Joseph and Edith Green, William, Harry and James Garne
27.11.1885 Left: Oswald Rose
30.11.1885 Re-admitted: Rose Sargant
18.12.1885 Left: George King, Frances Hobby
11.01.1886 Admitted: William Wood, Elizabeth Game
18.01.1886 Left: Abraham Enever
19.02.1886 Left: John Farrow
08.03.1886 Admitted: Bertram Downes, Harry King, Julia Barlow
16.03.1886 Left: Walter Downes; Admitted: Bertram Downes
19.03.1886 Left: Ellen and Edith Green
22.03.1886 Henry Jarvis returned after an absence of seven weeks
04.04.1886 Left: Hilda and Staley Lowe
03.05.1886 Admitted: Ethel Maud Ffitch, Constance Edith Ffitch, Beatrice Mabel Ffitch and Hannah Quilter; Re-admitted: Rose Boreham
10.05.1886 Admitted: John and William Kelly, Grace Moulton
18.05.1886 Admitted: Sydney Biggs, Alice Albert and Percy Caton.
29.05.1886 Admitted: Maud Game
31.05.1886 Admitted: Sarah Moore
11.06.1886 Left: John and William Kelly
02.07.1886 Admitted: Charlotte Crabb from Doddinghurst; Left: John Weal, Ellen King, Henry Jarvis, William Jarvis
06.08.1886 Admitted: William Harvey
20.09.1886 Admitted: Alred Pryke
21.09.1886 Admitted: Alice Dawson
04.10.1886 Admitted: John Quilter
15.10.1886 Left: Clara Sarling
01.11.1886 Admitted: Richard and Harry King, Ellen Hobby
03.01.1887 Admitted: Mabel young
12.01.1887 Re-admitted: John and William Kelly
17.01.1887 Admitted: Violet Young, a girl of thirteemn
07.02.1887 Admitted: Eliza and Alred Monk
18.03.1887 Admitted: Benjamin Park, Clara Weal and Alice Sweeting; Left: Grace Moulton
03.04.1887 Admitted: Frederick Green
18.04.1887 Admitted: William and Agnes Maryon, Arabella and Eliza Barr, Caroline and Henry Smith, Annie Pratt
29.04.1887 Left: Eleanor Powe
06.05.1887 Left: Caroline Smith
17.05.1887 Admitted: John Whitbread
13.06.1887 Admitted: Ernest Archer, Elizabeth Pegram; Left: E Rainbird
20.06.1887 Admitted: Robert Ryan Rorke, William Porter, Jesse Porter, Walter Fitch; Left: Jane Sarling
27.06.1887 Re-admitted: Caroline Smith, Alice Dawson
11.07.1887 Admitted: William Spencer
08.08.1887 Admitted: Herbert Caton
19.09.1887 Admitted: Thomas and Gertrude Madle, Louis Barlow
26.09.1887 Admitted: Agnes Rogers
03.10.1887 Admitted: Charles Madle
10.10.1887 Admitted: Oswald James, Edith Webster; Left: Alfred Pryke
28.11.1887 Admitted: Arthur Dorrington
05.12.1887 Admitted: Walter and William Jordan
20.01.1888 Left: Louis Barlow
27.02.1888 Admitted: Edith Rogers, Alice Florence White; Left: Edith, Beatrice and Drusilla Ffitch
07.05.1888 Admitted: Ellen Savill
09.05.1888 Re-admitted: Charles Boreham, Robert Rorke
14.05.1888 Re-admitted: Clara Weal, Louis Barlow
28.05.1888 Admitted: Joseph and Ernest Tradgett, Amy green
29.05.1888 Admitted: George Rogers
11.06.1888 Admitted: Maria Jarvis
19.06.1888 Admitted: Richard and William Cole
22.06.1888 Left: Rose Morris, Charles Boreham
09.07.1888 Left: Oswald Webster; Admitted: Emma Quilter
20.07.1888 Left: Alice White
13.08.1888 Admitted: George Randall
20.08.1888 Admitted: Frederick Challis; Left: Henry Sheasby
01.10.1888 Admitted: Arthur Tredgett, Percy Biggs, Ernest Hatfield, Henry Hatfield
12.10.1888 Left: Ellen, Edith, Joseph, Frederick and May Green; Henry, James and Joseph Game; Agnes, Edith and George Rogers
19.10.1888 Left: Charlotte, George, Lucy and Alice Sweeting
29.10.1888 Admitted: Ada Willoughby
12.11.1888 Admitted: Mary Randall
26.11.1888 Admitted: Nelson Reffell
03.12.1888 Admitted: F Gann, Frederick and Minnie Jordan: Re-admitted: Robert Rorke
11.12.1888 Admitted: Jane Hyslop
18.12.1888 Admitted: James Hyslop; Re-admitted: Walter Jordan
31.12.1888 Admitted: Caroline Webster
11.01.1889 Left: Eli, Eunice and Caroline Sheasby, Minnie and Frederic Jordan
20.02.1889 Admitted: Alfred Cole
11.03.1889 Left: Alice Caton, Jane Enever, Caroline Webster
18.03.1889 Admitted: William Lock Ansell
25.03.1889 Admitted: Herbert Harvey; Re-admitted: Arthur Tredgett
01.04.1889 Admitted: James Pegram; Left: Richard William, Alfred Cole
12.04.1889 Left: Walter Barlow, Charlotte Sweeting
15.04.1889 Admitted: Selina Lowe, James Jordan, Clara Hobby, Charles Harvey
13.05.1889 Left: Violet Young, Ethel Fitch
20.05.1889 Admitted: Maggie Barr
27.05.1889 Admitted: Emily and Albert Maryon
03.06.1889 Left: Rose Sargant
17.06.1889 Re-admitted: Minnie and Frederick Jordan, Ada and Gertrude Willoughby
01.07.1889 Admitted: William Gray
08.07.1889 Admitted: Beatrice Barlow
12.08.1889 Admitted: William and Arthur Dutton
23.09.1889 Admitted: Alice Dutton, Louisa and Minnie Wilson, Ernest and Arthur Crisp
27.09.1889 Left: Eliza and Alfred Monk
14.10.1889 Admitted: Marion Watson
18.11.1889 Admitted: Martha Enever
27.01.1890 Re-admitted: Selina Lowe
17.03.1890 Admitted: Amelia Burton, Ernest Elliott
24.03.1890 Admitted: Thomas Willoughby; Re-admitted: Emma Quilter
03.04.1890 Admitted: Florence Partner, Frederick and Amelia Mann
14.04.1890 Admitted: Robert Ellis
28.04.1890 Admitted: Henry Jarvis; Re-admitted:Charles Harvey
02.05.1890 Left:Mary Randall, Louisa Barlow, Leonard Sheasby and Eli Sheasby, "the former going to work, the latter is going to the orphanage at Swanley"
16.05.1890 Admitted: Patrick Rorke
02.06.1890 Admitted: George Fitch, John George Girton
30.06.1890 Admitted: Charles Bowen
02.07.1890 Admitted: Mary Watson
07.07.1890 Admitted: Annie Jordan; Re-admitted: James Jordan
11.08.1890 Admitted: Oswald Burton
22.09.1890 Admitted: Robert Enever, Jane Barr
29.09.1890 Left: Florence Partner, Joseph, Ernest and Arthur Tredgell, R Ellis, Lucy and Alice Sweeting, Harry Jarvis
20.10.1890 Admitted: Selina and Alice Burton
21.10.1890 Admitted: James King
27.10.1890 Left: Agnes Barr, Richard King, Ada, Gertrude and Thomas Willoughby, Emily Fitch
03.11.1890 Re-admitted: James Weal
14.11.1890 Left: Robert Enever
24.11.1890 Admitted: Robert and Jane Gibbs
25.11.1890 Admitted: Thomas Gibbs
08.12.1890 Admitted: William and Maggie Baird
14.01.1891 Re-admitted: Richard King
19.01.1891 Admitted: Bertie Collard
21.01.1891 Re-admitted: "Herbert Harvey after four months through illness"
09.02.1891 Admitted: Frank Biggs; Re-admitted: Elizabeth Rorke
16.02.1891 Left: Bertie Collard
27.02.1891 Left: John Girton
02.03.1891 Re-admitted: Ambrose Porter
20.03.1891 Re-admitted: Marion and Mary Watson
06.04.1891 Admitted: Janet Baird, John Brice Harrington and Florence Mann
13.04.1891 Admitted: Ellen Quinn; Re-admitted Ellen Powe
27.04.1891 Admitted: Daphne Locke, Jessie, Elsie and George Durrant, Agnes Caton, Jessie Sweeting, Archie Crisp
04.05.1891 Admitted: William Miles Coleman, Eva Durrant
11.05.1891 Admitted: Willie Watson
15.06.1891 Re-admitted: Patrick Ryan Rorke
22.06.1891 Admitted: Thomas Gray, Mabel Brown
06.07.1891 Admitted: Amy Coleman
21.07.1891 Admitted: Arthur Dines
28.09.1891 Admitted: Daisy Porter
09.10.1891 Left: Ebenezer Lagden
12.10.1891 Re-admitted: Robert Rorke
23.10.1891 Left: Mabel Young
22.02.1892 Admitted: Emily Lawrence
14.03.1892 Admitted: William Lawrence
15.03.1892 Admitted: Benjamin Harvey
25.04.1892 Admitted: James King "(deaf and dumb)", Ada King
09.05.1892 Admitted: Maggie Burton
23.05.1892 Admitted: Arthur Lawrence
13.06.1892 Re-admitted: Elsie and Jessie Durrant; Admitted: Mabel Coleman
28.06.1892 Admitted: Henry and Arthur Gibbons
03.10.1892 Left: Robert Gibbs, Thomas and Jane Gibb, Ellen Savill, Gertrude Bunn; Admitted: Mabel and Trixie Tennant
17.10.1892 Admitted: Ethel and Rose Stammers
24.10.1892 Left: Julia, Louis and Beatrice Barlow; Admitted: Ethel, May and Gertrude Baker
02.01.1893 Re-admitted: Mary Watson
07.02.1893 Admitted: Mabel Brown, Florence White
13.03.1893 Admitted: Nellie Dines, Charles Burton, Walter Durrant
21.03.1893 Admitted: Dora Lawrence, Re-admitted: Benjamin Harvey
10.04.1893 Admitted: Alfred Burton, John Sweeting, Rose Porter
13.04.1893 Admitted: Bertie Pegram, Kate Hammond
25.04.1893 Admitted: Robert Quilter Re-admitted: Mary and William Watson
01.05.1893 Admitted: Ellen Weal
02.05.1893 Admitted: Arthur Trundle
08.05.1893 Re-admitted: Elizabeth Quilter
15.05.1893 Admitted: Annie and Louisa Carr, Re-admitted: Trixie Tennant
12.06.1893 Admitted: Henry Cowee, Herbert Hasler
16.06.1893 Expelled: "Louisa Carr on account of her dirty condition"
26.06.1893 Admitted: George, James, Frederick and Emily Penson, also Alice and Mary Wiffew; Left: Alice, Selina and Alfred Burton
10.06.1893 Admitted: Edgar Walter, Edward Cook
17.06.1893 Admitted: Frank Moss, Left: Ellen Weal
24.07.1893 Admitted: James Burton
11.09.1893 Admitted: Stanley Coleman, William Davis, Elizabeth Wrew
18.09.1893 Admitted: Herbert Thorogood, Kate Curtis
09.10.1893 Admitted: Ettie and Rosa Payne
30.10.1893 Admitted: George Jordan
20.11.1893 Re-admitted: Mary and William Watson
15.01.1894 Re-admitted: Frederick Challis
12.01.1894 Re-admitted: Alice, Selina and Alfred Burton
16.03.1894 Re-admitted: Walter Haslar
02.04.1894 Left: William Davis, Ellen Weal
09.04.1894 Admitted: Emily Knight, Emily Mann
23.04.1894 Admitted: Lily Porter
21.05.1894 Left: Frederick Challis "having gone to Workhouse"
22.05.1894 Admitted: Albert Quilter
11.06.1894 Admitted: edith Sweeting
18.06.1894 Admitted: Rose Haslar; Re-admitted: Thomas Willoughby
17.09.1894 Left: Mabel Dines, Thomas Willoughby
22.10.1894 Left: Arthur and Ellen Dines Admitted: James Watson
12.11.1894 Admitted: John King
22.01.1895 Admitted: Sidney and John Rainbird
18.02.1895 Admitted: Walter Gray
25.02.1895 Re-admitted Mabel Brown
18.03.1895 Re-admitted: Rose Haslar, Emily Knight
25.03.1895 Left: William, Jesse, Ambrose and Rose Porter, Alice and Mary Wiffen; Admitted: Thomas Cook
01.04.1895 Re-admitted: John Barr, Edith Sweeting
08.04.1895 Admitted: Annie Quilter
22.04.1895 Admitted: Alfred Burton, Thomas Lawrence, Annie Benton, Emily Benton; Left: Charles Bowen
23.04.1895 Admitted:: Annie and William Turner
06.05.1895 Admitted: Thomas Brown, Ruth Durrant, Louisa Hammond
08.05.1895 Re-admitted: Albert Quilter
13.06.1895 Admitted: Dorothy Cox
24.06.1895 Admitted: Edith, Eliza and Annie Gray
29.07.1895 Admitted: Walter Taylor
06.08.1895 Admitted: Edith Weal
23.09.1895 Admitted: Ellen and Edith Willings, Leonard Cambray; Left: Frank Briggs, Herbert Thorogood, William Coleman, Mary Watson
26.09.1895 Admitted: Bertie Taylor
21.10.1895 Admitted: Jessie Ewing
04.11.1895 Admitted: Joseph Benton
06.12.1895 Re-admitted: Charles Harvey; Left: Herbert and Agnes Caton
06.01.1896 Admitted: Florence Brown, Amy Blackmore, William Smith
07.02.1896 Left: Walter and Bertie Taylor
09.03.1896 Admitted: Daisy and William Waters
10.03.1896 Admitted: Eva Waters
23.03.1896 Left: Amy Blackmore, William SMith
04.05.1896 Admitted: William Curtis
18.05.1896 Admitted: Frederick Knight
01.06.1896 Admitted: Thomas King
13.07.1896 Admitted: Ethel and James Hunt; Re-admitted: Robert Rorke
14.09.1896 Left: Elsie Durrant
15.09.1896 Admitted: May Brenes
21.09.1896 Admitted: Joseph Sutton
05.10.1896 Admitted: Annie Weal, Edith Sutton; Re-admitted: Annie Jordan
29.03.1897 Admitted: Maggie Meredith, John Burton
09.04.1897 Admitted: Charles Benton, Lily Harvey; Left: James and Ethel Hunt
30.04.1897 Left: William Locke, Edith Partridge; Admitted: William Burton and Arthur Coleman
17.05.1897 Admitted: May Fitch, Arthur Turner
14.06.1897 Left: Robert and Patrick Rorke
06.08.1897 Admitted: Nellie Lawrence
12.10.1897 Admitted: William and Emily Claydon
12.01.1898 Admitted: Gladys Blackmore

Log Book for 1879-1884

Log Book for 1884-1897

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