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Protestation 1641/1642 - The Civil War

A list of those who took the Protestations at St.Nicholas' Church, Kelvedon Hatch, May 1641 and February 1642.

The list appears at the Essex Record Office. Some names are difficult to make out, and therefore, may be inaccurate. 'X' indicates 'his mark'.(1641 only).


John Lavender- clerk
Anthony Luther
Samson Sheffield
Roffe Pettus
Rowland Sheffield
Bonnet Mathew
Richard Finche
John Stapler
Robert Maylew
David Owen
Thomas Campe
Audran Young
Henry Lyman
John Abell
Philip Bacon
John Glasson
Hourier Clonchaud
John Bracknock
William Rinds x
Edmond Ellis x
Thomas Howe x
William Nott
Richard Weal x
George Barnard x
Daniel Hove x
Thomas Simonds x
John Atkins x
Richard Barker x
Samuel Cleveland x
William White x
Thomas Howes x
Thomas Young x
Andrew Young x
Robert Broke
Thomas Fasuon x
John Barnes x
Sulk Foaner x
Edward Barnes x
John Read
Andrew Fosson x
John Turner x
Lyood x
William Lyallo x
Ferdinand Warwick x
William Shepherd x
Robert Cardings x
Francis Glaskoke x
William Rine x
William Piggot
George Stokes x
Henry Hawkes x
John Young
Thomas Brokus x
Francis Hawkins x
Edward Corker x
Robert Walker x
William Thorgson x
Richard Turner x
John Glascock


Samuell Snell Curat
Anthony Luther Esq.
Roffe Pettus gent.
Thomas Wise gent.
Bonnet Mathew
Richard Finche
David Owen
John Stapler
Thomas Cleveland
Thomas Simonds
Robert Mayhew
Henry Hawkes
Thomas Gourse
Andrew Young
Thomas Young
John Cracknock
Thomas Saffon
William Rine
Philip Cakon
William White
William Nott
Thomas Campe
Edward Corker
John Barnes
Edward Barnes
Thomas Corkis
William Piggot
Richard Turner
George Barnard
George Gardner
Henry Waterman
Francis Hawkins
William Pond
George? Goulders

John Wright Recusants
Thomas Haward
Henry Baker
John Underwood

George Stokes
Thomas Champness
William Stokes
Henry Linon
Robert Broke
Edmond Ellis
Thomas Fosster
Andrew Younge
Peter Field
Samuel Cleveland
Daniel Hove
Francis Glaskoke
Andrew Fosson
Shooven Crockell
John Turner
John Read
Thomas Deare

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