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Post Office Directory 1906

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Private Residents
Sydney Braam, Crown Cottage, Kelvedon Common
Miss Cauldwell, The Firs
Rev. Arthur Charles Gainsborough Church (curate), The Church Hse
William Dutton, Woodlands
Walter George Earthy, Crownfields
William Eastgate, Kumra Lodge
Col. Frederick John Fane, Priors
Henry Garland, Pheasant Lodge
John Algernon Jones, Kelvedon Hall
Capt. Mitchell Lee, The Chase
William Robert Roebuck, Orchard Dene
Charles Duncan Royds J.P., Brizes Park
Rev. Laurence Rayner Tuttiett, Rectory

William Barr, farmer, Germain's
Henry Brown, laundry, Rose Cottage
John Burton, gamekeeper
Herbert Albert Dodd, dairy farmer, Pump House Farm
George William Giblin, farmer
Francis Leigh, farmer, Dodds Farm
William Charles Knightbridge, butcher
Louisa Mugleston and May Mugleston, water finder (spring), Langford Bridge
Isiah Hobson Mugleston , farmer, Langford Bridge Farm
Charles Porter, boot maker
Jesse porter, wood dealer
George Randall, blacksmith
George Randall, jun. farmer, Hatch Farm
John Sarsfield, Eagle P.H.
Annie Sawkins, shopkeeper
James Sawkins, coal dealer
Thomas Tingley, beer retailer and shopkeeper
William Weal, carman
William J. baker
Thomas Wren, laundry

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