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St Nicholas' Church - gravestones and monuments

Transcript made of all inscriptions inside and in the graveyard at the old St.Nicholas' Church January 1955.
(Poor quality original. Author unknown)

Here lieth the body of Mr Robert Thurkettle late citizen and grocer who died February 7 1679 aged 61

Abegal Thurkettle eldest daughter of Andrew Hawes late of London Fishmonger and wife of Robert Thurkettle London Grocer who had issue by him 5 sons and 6 daughter where of 2 sons and 1 daughter are interred with her. She died January 18 1656

Here lieth the body of John Wright and Ann his wife who was Lord of this Manor and Patron of this church, son and heir of John Wright who deceased May 20 16*8 as appeareth on his stone and this John Wright was called to the mercy of God Ma* 1654 aged 74. Here lieth the body of John Wright Lord of this manor son and heir of John Wright and Ann the above mentioned died May 31 1656 aged 46. He left 2 sons and 1 daughter. Here lieth buried the body of Ann Wright one of the daughter of Sir Edward Suliard of Flemmins in the county of Essex and was the wife of John Wright - Lord of this manor who deceased in childbed November 28 1617 had issue 3 sons and 4 daughters

Here lies Francis Wright who was the eldest daughter of Philip Waldegrave and wife of John Wright Lord of the Manor and Patron of this church died May 21 1656. She had by him in issue 2 sons John and Philip ***** One daughter Frances died December 23 1654 aged 44

Here lieth Bridgett Luther eldest daughter of John Sadler in the county of Wilts, wife of Anthonie Luther who died September 28 1649. Mrs Ann Luther died October 1680

William Dolby of Brizes in this parish died December 7 1819 aged 79. Also Anne wife of above and daughter of J.Royds Esq., of Halifax, Yorkshire, died February 27 1822, aged 80. Also Charles Dolby son of above died June 22 1826 aged 60. Also Jane Dolby died February - 1855 aged 82. Also Loiusa Dolby died February 21 1868 aged 90

(above) Charles Dolby died May 6 1755 aged 52; also Dorothy widow of aforesaid died April 16 1779 aged 70

Mrs Elizabeth Purcas late wife of William Purcas, Gentleman of Dodds in this parish died February 26 1727 aged 73; husband to above William Purcas died October 1 1731 aged**

Mr Edward Hitchcock died November 6 1692

Richard Luther died February 28 1638

Fratres in-unum. Here lies Richard and Anthonie Luther Esqs., so truly loveing brothers that they lived neare fortie yeares joynte house keepes together at Myles without ane accompot betwixt them. Virtus post funera vivat.

(above) Lie the remains of Rebecca and Amy Luther spinsters, daughters of Edward Luther of Myles Esq., Rebecca died April 1 1780 aged 81; Amy died January 25 1782 aged 79. Erected by their nephew John Luther

Rev. John Bannister M.A. 38 years Rector of this parish died July 11 1878 aged 83

Here lie the remains of John Wright late of this parish died December 2 1751 aged 66

Large stone in chancel inscribed J.W. 1751.

Harriett Edwardes wife of Rev. John Edwardes M.A. of Priors in this parish who died May 29 1793 aged 23

In memory of John Luther of Myles Independent Member of Parliament. Obit January 13 MDCCLXXXVI

Jane Luther eldest daughter of Gilbert Armstrong of Nottinghamshire wife of Anthony Luther of this parish

Mary widow of the said Mannock Strickland died March 4 1749

Mannock Strickland of Lincolns Inn Esq. One of the sons of Robert Strickland of Thornton Bridge in the county of York, by Bridget his wife daughter of Sir William Mannock of Gifford Hall Suffolk. He married Mary only surviving daughter of John Wright of Kelvedon Hall by Eugenia his wife daughter of Charles Trinder of Burton-on-Water, Gloucestershire, by whom he had 4 sons and 4 daughter. He was honoured ******. His disconsolate late widow according to his request at his death which was in his 61 year November 19 1744 buried him in the Chancel amongst his ancestors. Monument erected 1748

Here lieth the body of Anthony Luther son and heir to Richard Luther of Myles who died in ye year 1665 aged 77. He had 3 wives, Jane, Bridgett and Anne. Mr Anthony Luther died September 28 1692. Issue only Jane by whom he had 10 children, 5 sons and 5 daughter. He lived to see 3 disposed in marriage and to see grand children by them, all the rest died in their minority. His second son Gilbert who died in the year 1664 aged 24 and lies buried in his grandfathers grave.

Hic Jacet Joannes Westwood M.A. Rector Anno Aetatis 87. Died January 11 1731. Also the body of Ann Westwood wife of Rev. Westwood died May 27 1742 aged 87

Rebecca Walmesley died November 2 1710, wife of Johnathan Walmesley of this parish by whom she had issue 11 children, 8 sons and 3 daughters. Aged 53 years

Joseph Walmesley died April 19 1786

Martha Wright died April 19 1786 aged 44

Mrs Hannah Halden wife of John Halden of this parish died March 8, 1819 aged 5*. Also near this place lieth 5 of their children. Also John Halden husband of above died May 21 1826 aged 69

Sarah Patrick, wife of John Patrick died December 4 1789 aged 47

Ada Elizabeth Pain born July 27 1871 died June 12 1872. Also Frank Pain born February 1 1880 died February 24 1880

Elizabeth wife of Henry James Gingell Knightbridge died June 9 1884 aged 64. Also Henry James Gingell Knightbridge died May 8 1904

Mrs Mary Lowrey died March 4 1799 aged 60

John Keating 1831

Richard Barker 1797

James Dicker 1803 aged 72

Jonathon Wingrove 1704

Mr Thomas Dent late of St **** Aldgate died August 9 1779 aged - years. Also Mrs Jane Dent died January 24 17** aged ** years; also Mr John Humphrey Dent died March 29 1771 aged ** years; also Mrs Jane Thomas Dent died ***. Thomas James Dent, solicitor of John Street, America Square, London, son of the above died July 20 1834 aged **

Leonard Humphreys Baugh 1811 aged 18

Rachel Porter 1820

John and Caroline Heslop 1852

Ellen Gandy daughter of William and Charlotte Gandy of this parish died February 6 1842 aged 1 year 18 days. Also William Gandy father of the above died October 11 1847 aged 33

Edwin husband of Mary Knightbridge late of Brentwood, died November 6 1888 aged 31

Thomas Wright late of Navestock died May 18 1784 aged 38

In memory of Isabella wife of Edward Stannard died July 20 1843 or 1813

Mary W. Slocock wife of the Rector the Rev. Samuel Slocock died May 23 1887

John Quintus infant son of George - Curate of this parish and Margaret his wife died December 30 1858

Mrs Martha Dolby late of Chelsea died February 17 1819 aged 72

Sophia Wilkin wife of B Wilkin of Great Chesterford

Thomas Brown August 1871 18 years

John Enever October 1838 aged 72

Allan James Hobhouse Waters

Elizabeth Weal died April 18 1888 aged 22

Sara Wright spinster daughter of John and Elizabeth Wright died August 5, 1800 aged 19

John Wright late of Priors in this parish died February 6 1781 or 1784 aged 40; also John Herbert Wright son of above died March 30 1784 aged 4 months. Also Elizabeth Wright wife of above died July 28 1789 aged 41

Erected by Rev. Dr Chandler of Myles in this parish in memory of Robert Hopton. He was a butler. Died April 15 1801 aged 33. Also Ann Hopton daughter of above died January 28 1806 aged 15. In the adjoining grave lie the remains of Thomas Hudson who was for 20 years a domestic in the family of the said Dr Chandler. He died February 21 1803 aged 43

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