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Marriages at St Nicholas' Church, Kelvedon Hatch 1837-1898

Earlier registers can now be viewed online at the Essex Record Office. See our article Parish Registers at the ERO.

Entries consist of: year, name, age, status B: Bachelor, S: Spinster, W: Widow/Widower, occupation, address KH: Kelvedon Hatch, D: Doddinghurst, father's name and occupation (or person who gave bride away), witnesses (wit)

Jonathan Rainbird 33 W Labourer KH William Rainbird Labourer
Susan Rose 30 W KH
wit:George Wright Sarah Rainbird
William Smith 25 B Labourer KH John Smith Labourer
Fanny Benton Minor S KH
wit: Cornelius Burgess Sarah Smith
George Enever 26 B Labourer KH Joseph Enever Labourer
Lucy Miles 23 S KH
wit: William Bush Rebecca Miles
William Lagden 25 B Labourer KH Henry Lagden Hay Binder
Sarah Killingback 21 S KH
wit: John Killingback Sarah Rainbird
James Scott 45 W Labourer KH Daniel Scott Carpenter
Anne Wheal W KH
wit: John Bright Eliza Sitch
Cornelius Burgess 26 B Labourer KH George Burgess Labourer
Sarah Smith 23 S KH
wit: William Smith Sophia Baker
John Stearn 32 W Baker KH John Stearn Labourer
Elizabeth Holliday 28 S
wit: William Stearn Mary Stearn
1839 James Green 34 B Labourer KH James Green Labourer
Mary Ann Sammons 32 W KH
wit: John Parsk Lucy Parsk
John Herrington 23 B Labourer KH William Herrington Labourer
Sarah Pegrum 32 W KH
wit: James Pegrum Ann Boatman
George Mansfield 33 B Labourer KH Jonathon Mansfield Labourer
Nary Mondith 39 W Navestock
wit: Alfred Polley Anne Riley
James Groves 40 B Labourer Blackmore John Groves Labourer
Lucy Barnes 25 S KH
wit: Richard Flack Maria Savill
Henry Knight 48 W Labourer KH Henry Wright Labourer
Louisa Goff 20 S KH
wit: John Hawthorne Eliza Townage
John Arthorne (Or Hawthorne) 25 B Sawyer KH John Althorne Labourer
Ann Scott 50 W KH
wit: James Mayen Louisa Hawthorne
Thomas Sitch 22 B Labourer KH Thomas Sitch Labourer
Maria Saville 17 S KH
wit: William Sitch Sarah Sitch
Samuel Hicks Sutton 57 W Labourer KH Thomas Sutton Labourer
Mary Saltmarsh 58 W D
William Riglin Mary Flack
David Perry 27 B Labourer KH Ferdinand Perry Hay Binder
Elizabeth Hampton 26 S D James Hampton Publican
wit:Philip Nann? Ann Hampton
Denham Tween of age B Labourer KH William Tween Labourer
Mary Ann Ellis of age S KH Louis Ellis Labourer
wit:William Lloyd Mary Lloyd
John Tucker of age B Labourer Langford Bridge Farm Joseph Tucker Labourer
Elizabeth Hammon of age S Stanford Rivers James Hammon Labourer
wit: Ann Case Henry Tucker
John Sawkins of age B Labourer KH James Sawkins Labourer
Emma Sarling of age S KH Edward Sawkins Labourer
wit: William ? S. ?
James Sawkins of age W Labourer KH James Sawkins Blacksmith
Mary Ann Mansfield of age W KH Thomas Williams Carpenter
wit: George Barnes Anne Sarling
James Pegram of age B Labourer Blackmore Samuel Pegram Labourer
Eliza Harrington of age S KH William Harrington Labourer
wit: Mary Sawkins Elizabeth Sitch
By Licence
Samuel Salmon of age B Gardner KH Samuel Salmon Labourer
Maria Sarling of age S KH George Sarling Blacksmith
wit: Elizabeth Sarling John Sarling
John Ludkin of age B Carpenter KH John Ludkin Plasterer
Mary Sawkins 19 S John Alderton Baker
Wit: Maria Sitch Mary Bonson
William Cooper of age W Builder KH Benjamin Cooper Builder
Elizabeth Witham of age S KH Samuel Witham Farmer
wit: Hannah ? George B*lby?
Joseph Robert Freeborn of age a clerk to a merchant KH Joseph Freeborn Gent
Elizabeth Sarling of age S KH George Sarling Blacksmith
wit:John Sarling E. Simons
George Flack of age B Labourer Navestock Richard Flack Labourer
Kitty Sawkins of age S KH James Boyton Labourer
wit: Isaac Pepper Jane Quilter
Thomas Mansfield 36 B Labourer KH Jonathon Mansfield Labourer
Frances Stapler 61 W KH William Chapman Labourer
wit: William Smith M M Banister
By licence
William Peter Nichols 45 B Surgeon Norwich Peter Nichols Gentleman
Matilda Mary Banister 26 S KH John Banister Clergyman
William Wood 23 B Labourer KH James Wood Labourer
Rebecca Lagden 25 S KH Henry Lagden Farmer
wit: John Lagden Sarah Lagden
James Bowyer 20 B Labourer KH Philip Bowyer Labourer
Mary Brett 20 S Labourer Romford Samuel Brett Labourer
wit: John William Vale Charlotte Ellis
Henry Lagden 36 B Labourer KH Henry Lagden Hay Binder
Mary Roast 21 S D William Roast Labourer
wit: John Lagden Sarah Lagden
James Aley 25 B Labourer Aveley Samuel Aley Labourer
Lucy Sarling 20 S KH Edward Sarling Labourer
wit: George Sarling Rebecca Ansell
John Lagden 26 B Labourer KH Henry Lagden Labourer
Rebecca Stones 21 S Blackmore William Stones Labourer
wit: George Scott Sarah Lagden
Thomas Brown 25 B Blacksmith KH Thomas Brown Blacksmith
Martha Ellenger 18 S KH Edward Ellenger Blacksmith
wit: Samuel Brown Louisa Brown
George Sarling 24 B Labourer KH Edward Sarling Labourer
Sarah Barker 19 S KH James Barker Labourer
wit: James Aley Lucy Aley
George Scott 26 B Labourer KH Joseph Scott Labourer
Sarah Lagden 24 S KH Henry Lagden Labourer
wit: Lewis Page Elizabeth Mason
James Boosey 29 W Farmer High Roding James Boosey Farmer
Charlotte Gandy 30 W KH Daniel Barnes Publican
wit: John Aylett Johanna Boosey
Alfred Weal 23 B Labourer KH James Weal Labourer
Eliza Knight 20 S KH John Knight Labourer
wit: Jonathan Wood Ann Bella Baker
Charles Harvey 20 B Labourer KH James Harvey Labourer
Mary Ann Dennis 23 S Great Hallingbury James Dennis Labourer
wit: John Stearn Elizabeth Dennis
William Bush 24 B Labourer Stanford Rivers Joseph Bush Labourer
Sarah Barnes 22 S KH George Barnes Labourer
wit: Abraham Ansell Emma Barnes
Samuel Clark 34 B Hay Binder KH William Clark Labourer
Eliza Cross 25 S KH John Cross Labourer
wit: Isaac Porter Phoebe Baker
John Watts 41 W Labourer KH William Watts Labourer
Mary Ann Sawkins 40 S KH Joseph Sawkins Labourer
wit: Thomas Sawkins Ellen Riley
Edward Greenhill 21 B Labourer KH Henry Greenhill Labourer
Matilda Enever 21 S KH Thomas Enever Labourer
wit: John Greenhill Jane Greenhill
By licence
Almeric John Churchill Spencer of age B Clerk in Orders Buxton in Derbyshire
George Trevor Spencer Late Bishop of Madras
Isabella Elizabeth Fane of age S KH
Frederick Adrian Scroop Fane Clerk in Holy Orders
Married by G.T. Spencer late Bishop of Madras
wit: Emily Spencer Joanna Fane Georgianna Fane George Stratton
William Firbank 25 B Labourer KH John Firbank Labourer
Elizabeth King 19 S Navestock Daniel King Labourer
wit: Edward Firbank Susan Firbank
Frederick Felsted 31 B Baker Navestock John Felsted Miller
Mary Witham 36 S KH Samuel Witham
wits: William Cooper Elizabeth Cooper
Nathan Noakes 20 B Painter KH William Noakes Labourer
Elizabeth Fitch 22 S KH Joseph Fitch Labourer
wits: David Knight Ann Fitch
Charles James Sheldon 29 B Labourer South Weald William Sheldon Labourer
Susan Firbank 25 S KH John Firbank Labourer
wits David Sheldon Louisa Firbank
William Benton 22 B Labourer D Thomas Benton Labourer
Elizabeth Johnson 19 S KH John Johnson Labourer
wit: William Gibbons Heston Gibbons
Elisha Drake 30 B Labourer Navestock Thomas Drake Labourer
Elizabeth Beadle 23 S KH Jeremiah Beadle Labourer
wit: Jeremiah Beadle Alice Drake
Jesse Porter full B Labourer KH William Porter Labourer
Fanny Enever full S KH John Enever Labourer
wit: Charles Baker Ellen Baker
John Lock 49 Game Keeper KH Samuel Lock Gamekeeper
Sarah Bass 22 S KH James Bass Labourer
Wit: William Rainbird Susan Rainbird
By Licence
Henry Lushington full W Aspenden Herts Henry Lushington Gent
Eliza Hannah Shelley full S KH John Shelly Gent
wit: Margaret Raynor William Smith
Jeremiah Beadle 33 B Labourer KH Jeremiah Beadle Labourer
Sarah Firbank 30 S Marylebone Charles Firbank Labourer
wit: Robert Sorkins Emily Clarke
Joseph Pettitt 29 B Miller Aaron Pettitt Labourer
Elizabeth Falkener 40 W KH William Wilson Farmer
wit: William Wilson Charlotte Wilson
George Little 41 W Labourer Pleshey Joseph Little Labourer
Sarah Scott 37 W KH Henry Lagden Labourer
wit: Archer Samuel Amy Samuel
Jesse James Edward Harvey full B Servant KH George Harvey Gardener
Jane Hannah Francis full Servant Great Warley Edward Francis Labourer
wit. Joseph Davey? Anne Davey?
John Godwin 26 B Police Officer KH Thomas Godwin Superintendent of Police
Emily Broughton Noble 21 S Milliner KH Frederick Noble Engineer
wit. James Watts Susannah Watts
John Roast 41 B Labourer KH William Roast Labourer
Lucy Ann Enever 40 S Servant D William Enever Labourer
wit. James Roast Elizabeth Roast
John Smith 28 B Labourer Navestock Charles Smith Labourer
Elizabeth Smith 24 S KH William Smith Parish Clerk
wit. John Hadsley Hannah Smith
William Alfred Warman 26 B Carpenter KH James Warman Carpenter
Mary Smith 27 S KH William Smith Parish Clerk
wit. William Smith Elizabeth Smith
Henry Johnson 21 B Brewer KH John Johnson Labourer
Harriet Matthams 20 S High Ongar Charles Matthams Labourer
wit. John Johnson Elizabeth Matthams
Thomas William Quilter 23 B Labourer KH William Quilter Labourer
Charlotte Clarke 21 S KH Joseph Clarke Labourer
wit. George Enever Martha Enever
Charles Beadle 28 B Labourer KH Jeremiah Beadle Labourer
Elizabeth Schooling 21 S KH William Schooling Labourer
wit. Edward Hammond Emma Schooling
John Jarvis 25 B Labourer KH William Jarvis Labourer
Ellen Benton 22 S KH James Benton Labourer
wit. James Enever Maria Buxton
Peter Salmons 25 S Labourer South Weald William Salmons Labourer
Lucy Sarling 19 S KH George Sarling Labourer
wit. James Enever Eliza Sarling
Charles Smith 18 B Groom KH Edward Smith Labourer
Susannah Wallis 20 S KH James Wallis Gardener
wit. William Wallis May Wallis
George Bently 23 B Soldier South Shoeburyness John Bently Labourer
Harriet Brown 21 S KH Samuel Brown Labourer
wit. Alfred Dorrington Annie Whitley
John Bloomfield full W Farmer KH John Bloomfield Farmer
Mary Ann Hayden full W KH Thomas Drake Labourer
wit. George Littlechild Annette Wallis
Jonathon Enever 30 B Labourer KH John Enever Labourer
Emma Crabb 21 S KH John Crabb Labourer
wit. Walter Malyon Emily Quilter
Thomas Brown 42 W Blacksmith KH Thomas Brown Blacksmith
Emma Barnes 36 S KH George Barnes Bailiff
wit. John Bloomfield Lucy Baker
Charles Dorrington 33 B Labourer KH William Dorrington Labourer
Julia Elizabeth Mann 25 S KH Deceased Labourer
wit. James Sarling Emily Quilter
Joseph John Woodward 36 B Grocer KH Robert Woodard Farmer
Eliza Sarling 20 S KH George Sarling Labourer
wit.James Enever Emily Quilter
Henry Shipton 22 B Ma?d KH James Shipton ?
Clara Faulkner 21 S KH Joseph Faulkner Miller
Arthur Henry Capel Waters 23 B Gentleman Cheltenham Allan Waters Surgeon
Joanna Amelia Fane full S KH Frederick Scroop Fane Clerk in holy orders
wit. Joanna Fane Mary Longbourne Henry Glanvill Barnacle
George Sweeting 27 B D John Sweeting Hay dealer
Lucy Little 19 S KH George Little Labourer
wit. Samuel Ewson Sarah Sweeting
Edward Quilter 26 B Labourer KH William Quilter Labourer
Eliza Horswell 22 S KH John Horswell Labourer
wit. James Quilter Susan Horswell
William Porter 22 B Labourer KH William Porter Labourer
Martha Wright 18 S Labourer Blackmore James Wright Labourer
wit. Albert Clark Mary Ann Porter
Charles William Sitch 21 B Labourer KH William Sitch Gamekeeper
Rebecca Dawkins Bridges 20 S KH William Bridges Labourer
wit. James William Barker Emma Sitch
James Burgess 23 B Carpenter KH James Burgess Bricklayer
Elizabeth Jane Sitch 25 S KH Edward Sitch Labourer
wit. Walter John Sitch Maria Baulger
James Enever 32 B Labourer George Enever Labourer
Maria Sarling 26 S KH George Sarling Labourer
wit. George Quilter Eliza Barker
Arthur Moore 22 B Labourer KH
Emma Johnson 20 S KH John Johnson Labourer
wit. Matthew Jordan Mary Ann Jordan
Henry Edward Weal 23 B Labourer D Charles Weal Labourer
Emily Quilter 26 S KH William Smith Labourer
wit. George Quilter Emma Weal
James Quilter 22 B Labourer KH William Quilter Labourer
Susan Horwell 23 S KH John Horwell Labourer
wit. William Fitch Hannah Horwell
George Quilter 20 B Gardener KH William Quilter
Alice Freeman 19 S KH Thomas Freeman Labourer
wit. John Freeman Mary Ann Freeman
Walter John Sitch 25 B Labourer KH Edward Fitch Labourer
Sarah Ellen Carter 26 S KH Abraham Carter Labourer
wit. William Carter Harriett Sitch
Thomas Stephen Wallis 31 B Labourer KH George Wallis Coachman
Maria Boulger 24 S KH Richard Boulger Servant?
wit. James Burgess Alice Mary Wallis
William Harvey 37 B Labourer KH James Harvey Labourer
Mary Ann Fitch 26 W Isaac Ashman Labourer
wit. Jonathon Wood Jane Ashman
Walter James Fitch 24 B Labourer Joseph Fitch Labourer
Harriett Packwood 22 S KH Moses Packwood Gardener
wit. Daniel Waller Henry Cawdron
James Shead 30 B Blacksmith Aythorpe Roding John Shead Blacksmith
Eliza Harvey 28 S KH Charles Harvey Labourer
wit. Charles Harvey Henrietta Dennis
Frederick John Mann 21 B Labourer
Amelia Perry 22 S KH Joseph Perry Labourer
wit. A.Dorrington C...ly Perry
Frank Coleman 28 B Farmer Navestock William Coleman Farmer
Martha Anne Miles 25 S Navestock John Miles Farmer
wit. Herbert Miles Kate Marie Anne Miles
James Burton 25 Labourer KH Henry Burton Labourer
Agnes Ellen Porter 19 S KH Jessie Porter Hay Carter
wit. Jesse Porter Jessie Ann Porter
Edward Sarling 21 B Labourer KH George Sarling Labourer
Bo? Madle 21 S KH Daniel Madle Labourer
wit. Maria Enever James Enever
John Whites 22 B P..? KH Charles Whites Coach Builder
Harriett Rainbird 24 S KH J.? Rainbird Miller
wit. ? Jessie Hunt
John Harrington 24 B Labourer KH Peter Harrington Labourer
Emily Clara Sargeant 18 S KH James Sargeant Labourer
wit. Lucy Sweeting George Sargeant
George Challis 34 B Labourer KH ..? Challis Labourer
Abigail Maria Jarvis 30 S KH William Jarvis Labourer
wit. Henry Babcook Edward Thomas Brown
Frederick Walter Nightingale 23 B Coachman KH Joseph Nightingale Steward
J..? Parker 24 S KH Thomas Parker Carpenter
wit. Henry Parker Esther Harriett ....rry?
Frank Knightbridge 26 B Butcher KH Henry James Knightbridge Butcher
Mary Ann French 24 S KH James French Farmer
wit. Henry Knightbridge William Charles Knightbridge
James Boreham 60 W Gardener KH John Boreham Gardener
Esther Silwood full W Laundress KH John ..ances?
wit. Sophie Shake Edward Thomas Brown
John Frederick Rickman 48 W Groom KH George Rickman Printer
Lydia Anne Harell 40 S James Harell Labourer
wit. Emma Harell John ....?
Herbert Edward Knight 25 B Coachman Richmond Surrey John Knight Labourer
Henrietta Dennis 27 S KH James Dennis Publican
wit. Ferdinand Thomas Cook Harriett Simmons
Henry Barnes 45 B Labourer South Weald James Barnes Labourer
Emma Savill 34 W KH Samuel Brown Gardener
wit. Charles Dorrington Julia Elizabeth Dorrington
William Burton 28 B KH Private HM Army Northampton Regt. R...? Burton Carpenter
Sarah Beadle 22 S KH Jeremiah Beadle Labourer
wit. Emma Barnes John Heddon
James Porter 27 B Labourer KH Joseph Parter Labourer
Emily Elizabeth Sarling 21 S KH George Sarling Labourer
wit. William Oddy Mary Wilson
Thomas King 21 B Groom KH George King Butcher
Emma Matilda Farrow 21 S KH Thomas Farrow Labourer
wit. Henry Caton Bowen Annie Day
1892 Frank Porter 24 B Labourer KH John Porter Labourer
Ellen Burton 20 S KH John Burton Labourer
wit. William Porter Sarah Porter
William Charles Knightbridge 29 B Butcher Henry John Knightbridge Butcher
Mary Ann Maling 27 S Epping William Maling Farmer
Thomas Farrow 56 W Labourer KH Samuel Farrow Labourer
Sarah Ann Brewster 27 S KH Samuel Brewster Labourer
wit. Clara Holeley Jonathan Enever
William Charles Hobby 22 B Gardener KH William Hobby Gardener
Rose Emma Page 35 S KH Richard Page Builder
wit. Richard Page George Randall Emily Jane Hobby
Herbert Allen Harmes 45 B Painter KH Edward Harmes Policeman
Lizzie Passaway 30 S Stanford Rivers William Passaway Labourer
wit. Jonathan Enever Emma Enever
George Reynolds 30 B Labourer Langford Bridge Cottages KH John Thompson Sawyer
Sarah Elizabeth Thompson 46 S KH James Reynolds Labourer
wit. James Reynolds Sarah Annie Pain Sarah Judd Emily Reynolds
Sidney Walter Porter 25 B Carman KH Jesse Porter Woodman
Eliza Harris 26 S KH James Harris Labourer
wit. Thomas Harris Martha Margaret Buoy
Abraham Enever 23 B Gardener Ashted Surrey Jonathan Enever Labourer
Fanny Jessie Hobby 22 S KH Willie Hobby Gardener
wit. William Charles Hobby Clara Hobby Florence Mary Hobby William Enever
Ernest Alfred Appleby 23 B Butcher Navestock George Appleby Publican
Annie Maria Worthy Gould 23 S KH William Gould Gentleman
wit. William Gould James Gould
Reuben John Weal 25 B :Labourer KH William Weal Carman
Sarah Annie Pain 24 S KH George Pain Bricklayer
wit. George Pain Alice Weal Clara Weal Henry George Mason

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