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Kelvedon Hatch - 1891 census returns

This information is from the census returns for Kelvedon Hatch 1891. Published by permission of the National Archives. Please note that the quality of the microfilm is very poor and the handwriting hard to decipher in places. Please check this information yourself before accepting it as evidence.

Schedule number; address; Surname; First name; relationship to head of household; status; age; employment; place of birth.

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For more information on the various census and how they were carried out, see our article: The Census 1841 - 1911.

1 Theodore THOMPSON Head Widower 53 Relieving officer and registrar of B D of Ongar Hornchurch Essex
1 Ellen FARROW Servant unm 22 Housekeeper Stapleford Abbots Essex

2 Joseph RORKE Head m 44 Postmaster Bury Lanchashire
2 Esther RORKE Wife m 43 Walton on Naze Essex
2 Elizabeth RORKE Daughter unm 14 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
2 Joseph RORKE Son unm 13 Scholar Kelvedon Hatch Essex
2 James RORKE Son unm 12 Scholar Kelvedon Hatch Essex
2 Patrick RORKE Son unm 4 Scholar Kelvedon Hatch Essex
2 ****** Saleows? Nephew unm 19 Postman South Kensington London

4 George RANDALL Head m 51 Blacksmith Beacontree Heath Essex
4 Mary RANDALL Wife m 54 Southminster Essex
4 Mary RANDALL Daughter unm 16 School teacher Havering Essex
4 George RANDALL Son unm 14 Havering Essex
4 Edward RANDALL Son unm 17 Blacksmith Apprentice London London
4 Ernie ELLIOTT Boarder unm 3 London London

5 Emma BROWN Head Widow 53 Laundress Kelvedon Hatch Essex
5 James BROWN Son unm 19 Postman Kelvedon Hatch Essex

6 James BOWEN Head m 46 Grocer Danbury Essex
6 Eliza BOWEN Wife m 48 Shopkeeper High Easter Essex
6 Sarah BOWEN Daughter umm 21 High Easter Essex
6 Henry BOWEN Son unm 16 Farm Labourer Writtle Essex
6 Frederick BOWEN Son unm 15 Farm Labourer Little Badow Essex
6 Charles BOWEN Son unm 9 Broomfield Essex

7 James PORTER Head m 54 Farm Labourer Doddinghurst Essex
7 Jane PORTER Wife m 44 Charwoman Kelvedon Hatch Essex
7 Ellen PORTER Daughter unm 11 Scholar Doddinghurst Essex
7 Benjamin PARK Nephew unm 6 Scholar Paddington Middlesex

8 William BANISTER Head m 53 Farm Labourer Doddinghurst Essex
8 Sarah BANISTER Wife m 57 Doddinghurst Essex

9 George KING Head m 45 Farm Labourer Wheal Essex
9 Sarah KING Wife m 39 Chelmsford Essex
9 George KING Son unm 18 Farm Labourer Doddinghurst Essex
9 Harry KING Son unm 7 Kelvedon Common Essex
9 Jim KING Son unm 5 Deaf and Dumb Kelvedon Common Essex
9 Ada KING Daughter unm 3 Kelvedon Common Essex
9 John KING Son unm 9m Kelvedon Common Essex
9 Joseph MARYON Brother in Law unm 23 Farm Labourer High Ongar Essex
9 George BAKER Boarder unm 38 Farm Labourer Theydon Green Essex

10 Frederick MANN Head 27 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
10 Amelia MANN Wife m 29 Chigwell Row Essex
10 Frederick MANN Son unm 6 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
10 Amelia MANN Daughter unm 4 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
10 Florence MANN Daughter unm 3 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
10 Emily MANN Daughter um 45 Kelvedon Hatch Essex

11 Jonathon ENEVER Head m 57 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
11 Emma ENEVER Wife m 42 High Laver Essex
11 William ENEVER Son unm 19 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
11 Abram ENEVER Son unm 17 Farm Labourer Doddinghurst Essex

12 Thomas FARROW Head m 54 Farm Labourer Stapleford Abbots Essex
12 Honour FARROW Wife m 48 Raleigh Essex
12 Emma FARROW Daughter unm 21 Dressmakers Apprentice Kelvedon Hatch Essex
12 John FARROW Son unm 18 Farm Labourer
12 JamesWEAL Boarder unm 15 Kelvedon Hatch Essex

13 Arthur BYFORD Head m 25 Gardener Stanford Rivers Essex
13 Mary Ann BYFORD Wife 34 Great Sarling Essex

14 Rebecca WOOD Head Widow 64 Charwoman Navestock Essex
14 Samuel WOOD Son unm 26 Farm Labourer Doddinghurst Essex
14 William WOOD Grand Son unm 16 Farm Labourer Doddinghurst Essex
14 Henry WALDRON Boarder unm 20 Grocer's assistant Doddinghurst Essex

15 James FITCH Head m 64 Shoemaker assistant Walthamstow Essex
15 Mary FITCH Wife m 58 High Ongar Essex
15 Emily FITCH Daughter unm 38 South Weald Essex

16 David RAINBIRD Head m 52 Miller Doddinghurst Essex
16 Emma RAINBIRD Wife m 55 Stanford Rivers Essex
16 Emily RAINBIRD Daughter unm 25 Stanford Rivers Essex
16 Ellen RAINBIRD Daughter unm 23 High Ongar Essex
16 Eliza RAINBIRD Daughter unm 18 Dressmakers apprentice Kelvedon Hatch Essex

17 William PORTER Head m 33 Farm Labourer Doddinghurst Essex
17 Martha PORTER Wife m 28 Blackmore Essex
17 William PORTER Son unm 8 Scholar Blackmore Essex
17 Jesse PORTER Son unm 7 Scholar Blackmore Essex
17 Herbert PORTER Son unm 6 Scholar Kelvedon Hatch Essex
17 Hester PORTER Daughter unm 3 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
17 Martha PORTER Daughter unm 1 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
17 ? PORTER Daughter unm 1m Kelvedon Hatch Essex

18 Walter FITCH Head m 34 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
18 Harriet FITCH Wife m 32 Hazelbead Northampton
18 Walter FITCH Son unm 7 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
18 George FITCH Son unm 4 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
18 John FITCH Son unm 3m Kelvedon Hatch Essex
18 Sarah FITCH Mother Widow 87 Doddinghurst Essex

19 William GOULD Head m 48 Independant Marks Tey Essex
19 Frances GOULD Wife m 49 Brokenhurst Hampshire

20 John SARSFIELD Head unm 45 Publican Limehouse Middlesex
20 Mary SARSFIELD Sister urm 47 Housekeeper Limehouse Middlesex

21 Jesse PORTER Head m 51 Wood merchant Doddinghurst Essex
21 Fanny PORTER Wife m 52 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
21 William PORTER Son, unm 25 Carman Kelvedon Hatch Essex
21 Charles PORTER Son unm 23 Bootmaker Kelvedon Hatch Essex
21 Sidney PORTER Son unm 19 Carman Kelvedon Hatch Essex
21 Jessie EWEN? Grand Daughter unm 2 West HamBYFORD Essex
21 Anne BRAND Visitor unm 28 Beauchamp Roothing Essex
21 Sarah ? Visitor unm 23 Willingale Doe Essex

22 James BURTON m 33 General Labourer Caufield --- ? Essex
22 Agnes BURTON Wife m 26 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
22 Agnes BURTON Daughter unm 6 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
22 Oswald BURTON Son unm 4 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
22 Charles BURTON Son unm 1 Kelvedon Hatch Essex

23 George SARING m 65 Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
23 Sarah SARLING Wife m 60 Navestock Essex
23 Hannah SARLING Daughter unm 20 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
23 Alice SARLING Grand Daughter unm 12 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
23 William SARLING Gran Son unm 1 Kelvedon Hatch Essex

24 George ENEVER Head Widower 78 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
24 Jane ENEVER Daughter unm 4 Charwoman Kelvedon Hatch Essex
24 Lucy ENEVER Granddaughter Daughter unm 17

25 George ENEVER Head Widower 50 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
25 James ENEVER Son unm 15 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
25 Ernest ENEVER Son unm 11 Scholar Kelvedon Hatch Essex

26 Anna KEATING Head unm 67 Independant Kelvedon Hatch Essex
26 Alice KEATING Servant unm 15 Servant Kelvedon Hatch Essex

27 John WINTER Head m 40 Coachman London Colney Herts
27 Sarah WINTER Wife m 41 Caretaker Aldenham Herts
27 Ann WINTER Daughter unm 14 Aldenham Herts
27 Nellie WINTER Daughter unm 13 Herts Herts
27 Henry WINTER Son unm 9 Herts Herts
27 Thomas KING Servant unm 20 Groom Doddinghurst Essex

28 Alfred MEDCALF Head m 26 Police Constable Rochford Essex
28 Rebecca MEDCALF Wife m 29 Hutton Essex

29 Hugo THURINGER? Head m 31 Farmer Germany Germany
29 Matilda THURINGER? Wife m 25 Germany Germany
29 Hans THURINGER? Son unm 4 London London
29 Margaret THURINGER? Daughter unm 2 London London
29 --lesea-,THURINGER? Daughter unm 6m London London

30 Henry KNIGHTBRIDGE Head Widower 74 Butcher Stock Essex
30 Mary KNIGHTBRIDGE Daughter unm 37 Assistant butcher Navestock Essex
30 Arthur KNIGHTBRIDGE Son unm 29 Assistant butcher Kelvedon Hatch Essex
30 William KNIGHTBRIDGE Son unm 27 Assistant butcher Kelvedon Hatch Essex
30 Harold KNIGHTBRIDGE Grand Son unm 4 Havering Essex
30 Ethel FITCH Servant unm 13 Servant Doddinghurst Essex

31 Arthur GILBERT Head m 57 Major infantry retired Dublin Ireland
31 Melina GILBERT Wife m 31 India India
31 Stuart GILBERT Son u unm 7 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
31 Henrietta OLIVER Mother in Law Widow 47 India India
31 Jane MALION Servant unm 15 Servant Nine Arches Essex
31 Emily EVERAL Servant unm 14 Servant Coggeshall Essex

32 John ROLPH Head m 76 Independent Ingatestone Essex
32 Rebecca ROLPH Wife m 66 High Ongar Essex

33 George GIBLIN Head m 29 Baker High Ongar Essex
33 Emma GIBLIN Wife m 30 Romford Essex
33 William GIBLIN Visitor unm 22 Barman High Ongar Essex
33 George GRAVES Servant unm 20 Baker High Ongar Essex

34 Henry BARNES Head m 50 Farm Labourer South Weald Essex
34 Emma BARNES Wife m 40 Laundry woman Havering Essex
34 Emma DORRINGTON Mother in Law Widow 76 Noak Hill Essex

35 Henry BEADLE Head unm 56 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
35 George BEADLE Brother unm 58 Farm Labourer Doddinghurst Essex
35 Ann HIGHFIELD Sister Widow 62 Charwoman Doddinghurst Essex
35 Henry HIGHFIELD Nephew unm 25 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex

36 Jeremiah BEADLE Head m 60 Farm Labourer Blackmore Essex
36 Sarah BEADLE Wife m 58 Washerwoman Kelvedon Hatch Essex
36 Eliza BEADLE Daughter unm 22 Charwoman Kelvedon Hatch Essex
36 James BEADLE Son unm 18 Stable lad Kelvedon Hatch Essex

37 Thomas WREN Head m 63 Farm Labourer Stondon Essex
37 Elizabeth WREN Wife m 48 Laundrywoman High Ongar Essex
37 John WREN Son m 28 Groom Stondon Essex
37 Edith WREN Daughter unm 6 Scholar Brentwood Essex
37 Harry SMITH Servant unm 14 Servant Unknown Unknown
37 Elizabeth WREN Grand Daughter unm 6 Scholar Warley Barracks Essex

38 Maria SMITH Daughter unm 44 Dressmaker Kelvedon Hatch Essex
38 Fanny SMITH Daughter unm 42 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
38 Frederick SMITH Son unm 33 Coachman Kelvedon Hatch Essex

39 John FORTER Head m 59 Woodcutter Doddinghurst Essex
39 Sophia PORTER Wife m 60 Navestock, Essex
39 James FORTER Son unm 35 Bricklayers Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex

40 James THOMAS Head m 63 Farm Labourer Navestock Essex
40 Rebecca THOMAS Wife m 70 Kelvedon Hatch Essex

41 Richard RAINBIRD Head m 85 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
41 Elizabeth RAINBIRD Wife m 77 High Ongar Essex

42 Susan MAYS Head Widow 71 Doddinghurst Essex
42 William KAYS Son unm 30 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
42 William BULL Brother unm 68 Farm Labourer Doddinghurst Essex
42 Mary BULL Sister unm 63 Doddinghurst Essex

43 Henry THOMAS Head m 39 Hay Dealer Ingatestone Essex
43 Emily THOMAS Wife m 35 Ingatestone Essex
43 Ada THOMAS Daughter unm 12 Ingatestone Essex
43 Richard THOMAS Son unm 10 Blackmore Essex
43 William THOMAS Son unm 8 Blackmore Essex
43 John THOMAS Son unm 6 Blackmore Essex
43 Elizabeth THOMAS Daughter unm 5 Blackmore Essex
43 Joseph THOMAS Son unm 4 Blackmore Essex
43 Charles THOMAS Son unm 2 Blackmore Essex

44 James PORTER Head m 27 Farm Labourer Writtle Essex
44 Elizabeth PORTH Wife m 22 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
44 William PORTER Son unm 1 Kelvedon Hatch Essex

45 James BOREHAM Head m 66 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
45 Esther BOREHAM Wife m 56 Laundry woman Aidenhan Herts

46 Joseph CATON Head m 44 Farm Labourer Shalford Essex
46 Jane CATON Wife m 46 Little wig --- ? Essex
46 Albert CATON Son unm 13 Farm Labourer Terling Essex
46 Percy CATON Son unm 11 Scholar Terling Essex
46 Herbert CATON Son unm 8 Scholar Terling Essex
46 Ellen CATON Daughter unm 5 Terling Essex

47 Alfred BURTON Head m 28 Farm Labourer Great Caufield Essex
47 Louisa BURTON Wife m 25 Rochester Kent
47 Alice BURTON Daughter unm 6 Walford Herts
47 Celina? BURTON Daughter unm 4 Standford Rivers Essex
47 Alfred BURTON son unm 1 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
47 William WEAL Boarder unm 17 Kelvedon Hatch Essex

48 John JARVIS Head m 50 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
48 Ellen JARVIS Wife m 44 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
48 John JARVIS Son unm 23 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
48 Charlotte JARVIS Daughter unm 22 Dressmaker Kelvedon Hatch Essex
48 Henry JARVIS Son unm 19 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
48 George JARVIS Son unm 16 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
48 Mark JARVIS Son unm 12 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
48 Maria JARVIS Daughter unm 9 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
48 David LAYLOR? Boarder unm 20 Farm Labourer Navestock Essex

49 Edward QUILTER Head m 40 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
49 Eliza GUILTER Wife m 39 Writtle Essex
49 George QUILTER Son unm 11 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
49 Elizabeth QUILTER Daughter unm 10 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
49 John QUILTER Son unm 8 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
49 Elsa QUILTER Daughter unm Kelvedon Hatch Essex
49 Robert QUILTER Son unm 2 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
49 Albert QUILTER Son unm 1 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
49 Rose QUILTER Daughter unm 2wks Kelvedon Hatch Essex

50 William QUILTER, Head m 71 Farm Labourer Hatfield Peveral Essex
50 Hannah QUILTER Wife m 67 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
50 Richard DINES Boarder Widower 57 Farm Labourer Writtle Essex
50 David DRAKE Boarder unm 22 Farm Labourer Navestock Essex

51 William ENEVER Head m 35 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch
51 Emma ENEVER Wife m 45 Martlesham Suffolk
51 Alice ENEVER Daughter unm 9 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
51 Frederick ENEVER Son unm 7 Kelvedon Hatch Essex

52 George JARVIS Head unm 53 Farm Labourer Havering Ess
52 Sarah JARVIS Mother Widow 75 Stapleford Abbots Essex
52 James JARVIS Brother unm 45 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Common Essex
52 William JARVIS Nephew unm 18 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Common Essex
52 Frederick JARVIS Nephew unm 6 kelvedon Common Essex

53 Robert YOUNG Head m 51 Farm Foreman Moulton Norfolk
53 Eliza YOUNG Wife m 55 Bnford Suffolk

53 Violet YOUNG Daughter unm 16 Servant Greenwich Kent
53 Mabel YOUNG Daughter unm 11 Newntiam hert

54 Robert CRISP Head m 29 Farm Labourer Kaveningham Norfolk
54 Martha CRISP Wife m 36 Norton Labourer Norfolk
54 Arthur CRISP Son unm 9 Scholar Suffolk Suffolk
54 James CRISP Son unm 7 Scholar Suffolk Suffolk
54 Ernest CRISP Son unm 6 Scholar Suffolk Suffolk
54 Archie CRISP Son unm 3 Freethorpe Norfolk
54 Daisy CRISP Daughter unm 3m Kelvedon Hatch Essex

55 William WEAL Head m 47 Carman Doddinghurst Essex
55 Eliza WEAL Wife m 45 Rochford Essex
55 William WEAL Son unm 22 Carman Kelvedon Hatch Essex
55 John WEAL Son unm 19 Carman Kelvedon Hatch Essex
55 Alice WEAL Daughter unm 17 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
55 James WEAL Son unm 13 Scholar Kelvedon Hatch Essex
55 Clara WEAL Daughter unm 8 Kelvedon Hatch Essex

56 Susan THOMSON Head Widow 72 Stanford Rivers Essex
56 Elizabeth THOMSON Daughter unm 38 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
56 George REYNOLDS Nephew unm 26 Farm Labourer Noak Hill Essex

57 John PERRY Head m 63 Farm Labourer Fyfield Essex
57 Mary A PERRY Wife m 64 Hatfield Broad Oak Essex
57 Edward WEAL Boarder unm 57 Farm Labourer Doddinghurst Essex

58 John MARYON Head Widower 70 Retired beer house keeper High Ongar Essex
58 Richard KING Grand Son um 10 Scholar - Doddinghurst Essex

59 William JARVIS Head m 58 Farm Labourer Havering Essex
59 Mary A JARVIS Wife m 55 Blestoe Bed,
59 Thomas LITTLECHILD Boarder unm 22 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Common Essex

60 Charles WHITE Head m 32 Schoolmaster Chipping Ongar Essex
60 Marion WHITE Wife m 32 Schoolmistress Midhurst Sussex
60 Florence WHITE Daughter unm 5 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
60 Ann WHITE Mother Widow 60 Household duties Drayton Ca

61 William DUTTON Head m 53 Overseer General Post Office City of London City
61 Harriett DUTTON Wife m 42 Boston Lincoln
61 Ada DUTTON Daughter unm 26 Kilburn Middlesex
61 Jessie DUTTON Daughter unm 22 Stratford Essex
61 Alice DUTTON Daughter unm 16 Pupil Teacher schoolboard Stratford Essex
61 William DUTTON Son unm 15 Messenger General Post Office Stratford Essex
61 Arthur DUTTON Son unm 7 Scholar Hackney Middlesex

62 William PEGRUM Head unm 23 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex

63 Frederick FANE Head Widower 80 Clerk in holy orders (retired) Oxon Cirencester
63 Georgana FANE daughter unm 52 Oxon Oxon
63 Charlotte FULLER Servant unm 23 Cook and general servant Essex Essex
63 Agnes RIDGWELL Servant unm 21 Housemaid Essex Essex

64 Edward PARD Groom unm 20 Groom Hayletbury Wilts

65 Frank COLEMAN Head m 40 Farmer Wortand Oxon,
65 Martha COLEMAN Wife m 33 Navestock Essex
65 Amy COLEMAN Daughter unm 6 Kelvedon hatch Essex
65 William COLEMAN Son unm 5 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
65 Stanley COLEMAN Son unm 2 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
65 Dora COLEMAN Daughter unm 1 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
65 Alice LAMS? Servant unm 14 Romford Common Essex
65 Eliza PEGRAM Servant Widow 66 Charwoman Kelvedon Hatch Essex

66 John BURTON Head m 25 Gatekeeper Baconsthorpe Norfolk
66 Emily BURTON Wife m 26 Roxwell Essex
66 Margaret BURTON Daughter unm 3 Charlwood Surre
66 Alfred BURTCN Son unm 1 Cartersy Norfolk
66 Ellen EVERARD Sister in Law unm 40 Maid Domestic servant Roxwell Essex

67 James GOULD Head m 50 Milkman Highwood Essex
67 Annie GOULE Wife m 58 Kerry Montgomeryshire
67 John GOULD Son unm 19 Milkman Childerditch Essex
67 Frances GOULD Daughter unm 17 Childerditch Essex

68 Joseph PRATT Head m 37 Farm Labourer Woodham Water Essex
68 Sarah PRATT Wife m 36 Cambridge Essex
68 Joseph PRATT Son unm 14 Farm Labourer Writtle Essex
68 George PRATT Son um 12 Grocer's boy Writtle Essex
68 Sarah PRATT Daughter unm 9 Scholar Little Baddow Essex

69 William HARVEY Head m 44 Farm Labourer Blackmore Essex
69 Mary HARVEY Wife m 33 Rainham Essex
69 George SITCH Step Son unm 14 Rook Scaring Kelvedon Hatch Essex
69 James SITCH Step Son unm 13 Cowboy Kelvedon Hatch Essex
69 William HARVEY Son unm 8 Scholar Kelvedon Hatch Essex
69 Charlie HARVEY Son unm 5 Scholar Kelvedon Hatch Essex
69 Benjamin HARVEY Son unm 3 Scholar Kelvedon Hatch Essex
69 Daughter HARVEY? unm 1m Kelvedon Hatch Essex

70 John JEWELL Head Widower 55 Farm Labourer Great Dunmow Essex
70 Edward BARLOW Son in Law m 41 Butcher Chipping Ongar Essex
70 Frances BARLOW Daughter m 33 Boxwell Essex
70 John BARLOW Grand Son unm 15 Stable lad High Ongar Essex
70 Louisa BARLOW Grand Daughter unm 12 Dressmaker Stanford Rivers Essex
70 Julia BARLOW Grand Daughter unm 7 Scholar Stanford Rivers Essex
70 Albert BARLOW Grand Son unm 10 Scholar Stanford Rivers Essex
70 Beatrice BARLOW Grand Daughter unm 5 Kelvedon Common Essex
70 Arthur BARLOW Grand Son unm 1 Kelvedon Common Essex
70 Louisa BARLOW Grand Son unm 6 Kelvedon Common Essex
70 Selina JEWELL Daughter um 22 Domestic servant High Ongar Essex

71 John HARRINGTON Head m 31 Farm Labourer Wetherfield Essex
71 Emily HARRINGTON Wife m 25 Dagernham Essex
71 John HARRINGTON Son unm 4 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
71 Emily HARRINGTON Daughter unm 2 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
71 George HARRINGTON Son unm 9m Kelvedon Hatch Essex

72 Edward DODGSON Head m 40 Farmer Freston Westo
72 Agnes DODGSON Wife m 36 Preston Westmorland
72 Edward DODGSON Son unm 6 Scholar Navestock, Essex
72 William ALLVEY Boarder unm 11 Scholar Kings Cross London
72 William RAY Servant unm 28 Fare Labourer North Weald Essex

73 William BARR Head m 67 Farmer Scotland Scotland
73 Annie BARR Wife m 44 Scotland Scotland
73 William BARR Son unm 15 Farmers son Scotland Scotland
73 Agnes BARR Daughter unm 13 Scholar Scotland Scotland
73 Marion BARR Daughter unm 12 Scholar Scotland Scotland
73 Anne BARR Daughter unm 11 Scholar Scotland Scotland
73 Eliza BARR Daughter unm 10 Scholar Scotland Scotland
73 Maggie BARR Daughter unm 7 Scotland Scotland
73 Jason BARR unm 4 Scotland Scotland
73 Robert BARR Daughter unm 3 Kelvedon Hatch Essex
73 Walter BARR Daughter unm 2m Kelvedon Hatch Essex
73 Robert GIBB Servant unm 13 Farm Labourer Scotland Scotland

74 William HOBBY Head m 40 Gardener caretaker Lymington Hants
74 Clara HOBBY Wife m 40 Caretaker Stourpaine Dorse
74 Florence HOBBY Daughter unm 14 Lynington Hants
74 Bertie HOBBY Son unm 12 Scholar Kelvedon Hatch Essex
74 Ellen HOBBY Daughter unm 8 Scholar Kelvedon Hatch Essex
74 Clara HOBBY Daughter unm 6 Scholar Kelvedon Hatch Essex
74 George HOBBY Son unm 2 Kelvedon Hatch Essex

75 David PEREGRINE Head m 31 Rector Hanover Square London
75 Constance PEREGRINE Wife m 26 Croydon Surrey
75 Hugh PEREGRINE Son unm 8m Kelvedon Hatch Essex
75 Eliza PUXON Visitor unm 18 Norwood Surrey
75 Cecil LANFEAR? Visitor unm 24 Solicitor Croydon Surrey
75 May LANFEAR Visitor unm 19 Croydon Surrey
75 Martha CROY? Servant unm 26 Domestic servant Aldershot Hamps
75 Eliza HARRIS Servant unm 26 Domestic servant West Hanningfield Essex
75 Laura ENEVER Servant unm 15 Domestic servant Navestock Essex

76 Archer SAMUEL Head m 72 Bricklayer Blacknore Essex
76 Amy SAMUEL Wife m 71 High Ongar Essex

77 Charles POATE Head Widower 57 Retired Farmer Clanfield Hants
77 Ann PINK Sister in Law unm 55 Independent Hants

78 Rebecca SAWKINS Head Widow 80 Charwoman Doddinghurst Essex
78 Alfred SAWKINS Grand Son unm 22 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
78 William BENTON Boarder unm 56 Farm Labourer Dddinghurst Essex

79 Alice NEWMAN Wife m 61 Clapton London
79 Alice NEWMAN Daughter unm 33 Islington London
79 Emma GRAYLING Servant unm 24 Domestic servant Navestock Essex

80 James QUILTER Head m 31 Farm Labourer Kelvedon Hatch Essex
80 Susan QUILTER Wife m 33 Charwoman Writtle Essex

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