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Census Returns for Kelvedon Hatch 1841 - 1891

The census returns are a good source of information for the genealogist and the local historian. These are the returns for Kelvedon Hatch and the former part of the parish of Doddinghurst known as Fox Hatch (now part of the village of Kelvedon Hatch - the boundaries having been changed in the 1970s).

The censuses of England and Wales from 1801 to 1831 were concerned with the population count. It was not until 1841, that names were recorded. Each registration district was divided into enumeration districts of between 200 and 25 houses. The census enumerators' books were compiled from census forms completed by householders, or by the enumerator who later entered the details in the books. These were then categorised and checked by clerks. For more information on the various census and how they were carried out, see our article: The Census 1841 - 1911.

1841 Kelvedon Hatch

The 1841 Doddinghurst census (includes part of the present Kelvedon Hatch, schedule numbers 98 to 245) is now available in its entirety at http://essex1841.com/Doddinghurst-1841.php. Note: this is a site not connected with History House.

1851 Kelvedon Hatch

1861 Kelvedon Hatch

1871 Kelvedon Hatch

1881 Kelvedon Hatch

1891 Kelvedon Hatch

It should be remembered that when looking at the census returns, they represent only one night in a given year - a snap-shot in time - and may not represent the true structure of the household. In addition, the descriptions of occupation were prescribed and limited, and in the case of agricultural labourers, it would encompass thatchers, hedgers and ditchers. Also, the labourer would be subject to seasonal employment and supplement his wages by other work such as gardening, perhaps in one of the great houses.


Agricultural Labourer - Ploughman, Ditcher, Hedger, Haybinder, Gardener, Road Mender?

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