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Wild card searching on Ancestry

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Ancestry.co.uk and .com has announced that the Wild Card search facility has been improved. This is very good news if you are looking for that elusive ancestor who has been incorrectly transcribed on the census.

Previously the wild card could only appear at the end of the name. A wild card is indicated by * or ?
* replaces a number of letters ? replaces only one.

Now the following is available:

Wildcard first, such as *son or ?atthew .
Wildcard last, such as Black* or Han?
Either the first or last character must be a non-wildcard character. For example, Han* and *son are okay, but not *anso*
Names must contain at least three non-wildcard characters. For example, Ha*n is okay, but not Ha*

They will only work with Exact Matches, not Soundex.

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