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Who Do You Think You Are? – new series

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The popular family history programme: Who Do You Think You Are? has announced the ten celebrities who will feature in the next series.

It certainly is a diverse mix of people. The Harry Potter author, JK Rowling’s French background is explored. June Brown, known for her East Ender’s role, discovers her African roots. While comedian Alan Carr looks at why his great-grandfather, changed his name.

Lord Sebastian Coe, taking time off from the Olympics, finds out about his ancestor who owned a plantation. Larry Lamb, another East Ender’s character, seeks out equally colourful characters from his ancestors.

Emilia Fox, another actor, discovers another actor among her ancestors; and Richard Madeley, tv presenter, finds out about his connections with early foundations of America. Dancing judge, Len Goodman, finds poverty and the workhouse in his past.

Tracey Emin, artist, finds equally challenging characters from her family tree; and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees find out about a military ancestor who fought in Afganistan

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