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UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960

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Ancestry in conjunction with The National Archives have released an important new archive: UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960 . If your ancestors immigrated or were active travellers then this a most welcome additional archive.

The database is an index to the Board of Trade’s passenger lists of ships arriving in the United Kingdom from foreign ports outside of Europe and the Mediterranean from 1878-1888 and 1890-1960. Information listed on the passenger lists may include: name of passenger, their birth date or age, port of departure, port of arrival, date of arrival, and vessel name. Some may also include their proposed address in the UK, occupation and country of last residence.

Roger Kershaw from The National Archives said: ‘The partnership between The National Archives and Ancestry.co.uk has allowed us to digitise and publish online what is in our opinion one of the most significant collections in British immigration history.’

‘These records are a vital resource for anyone wanting to trace their family’s movements to the UK from around the world and reflect a period of huge economic and social change for Britain and its colonies during the twilight days of the British Empire,’ commented Josh Hanna, Senior Vice President at Ancestry International.

A quick look at the database reveals information on my father returning from Egypt in 1930, and many famous names including Winston Churchill on his many trips across the Atlantic.

6 Contributions

  1. Elaine Tyler says:

    Looking for info on Sarah Hayes Fisher on UK Incoming Passenger List 1878-1960.
    Thank you
    [Comment by History House – I cannot help regarding this. I suggest you use one of the forums mentioned on my page http://www.historyhouse.co.uk/articles/family_history_forums.html

  2. david william p john says:

    Looking for the above my uncle. He went to Buenos
    Ares.argentina during 1878 1960 from Liverpool

    can anyone help please thanks

  3. Samantha Pope says:

    Looking for any info about my grandfather Texas (Edward) Dixon born 1921 and his parents and siblings who i believe came over to England from Canada on 24th Dec 1934 on the ‘Manchester Citizen’
    Can anyone help, Thanks

  4. David says:

    Why does the UK Incoming Passenger Lists only go up to 1960?

  5. S. Cornish says:

    Can anyone help please? My father came over to England from Barbados in the 1950’s. His family can’t remember the ship name (maybe windrush or the anaklees (unsure of spelling). His name was Mr Henry C. Lampitt born in about 1927(ish) maybe 1926. Wondered if he was on the 1878-1960 Uk incomming passenger list. May have travelled with his sister Ordean Lampitt. She arrived at the port of liverppol. (my dad did mention that he stopped in Genoa if that is any help !!). Thank you for any help you can offer. Regards Sue Cornish

    [Comment by History House. Sorry we cannot do look ups. This National Archives website may help http://yourarchives.nationalarchives.gov.uk/index.php?title=MV_Empire_Windrush]

  6. Kay says:

    Are there any passenger records for the 1964 Wilhelmsen from Guyana, South America to the UK, docking at Southampton.

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