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Searching the 1911 census on Ancestry

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Ancestry.co.uk have taken another step forward by releasing the images of the schedules for the 1911 census, but they have still to release a searchable names database linked to the schedules.

So in the meantime, if you are a member of Ancestry and are struggling to try and work out how to find your ancestors in the 1911 census, then try this. It is only suitable if you know the town or village where they lived.

Go to the 1911 Summary Books first. Search for the surname only and either put in their street address (no number) or civil parish name. You could also try place name in the Sub-Registration District box.

Why just a surname? Many enumerators only put Mr Smith, Mr Jones, etc. No first name. By the way, if your ancestor was not listed as head of the household then you will have to wait for the full searchable index to be published.

In the search results, note the household schedule number, street address, civil parish and county.

Now go to the Census images. Use the drop-down boxes to drill down to the county, civil parish, enumeration district. When the schedules images are displayed they start at page 1: Instructions to the Enumerator.

Double the number you have for your household schedule number as each household covers two pages of images. So if it is, say, 252, then put 504 in the image page number box and click ‘Go’. This will then produce a schedule hopefully near the number your are seeking. The schedule number appears in the top right of the householder’s schedule. You can work out how many more pages back or forth you need to go.

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