Sandford family of High Ongar

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3 Contributions

  1. Wayne says:

    The first Sanford (John) to come to America in 1631 was supposed to be born in High Ongar. Does anyone know how I would check this out?

  2. History House says:

    I see there is a lot of differing unsourced information about John Sanford on the internet. I would suggest that you try to find primary source information. Look at the Parish Registers for High Ongar, St Mary the Virgin, at the Essex Record Office. Also look at the SEAX database. See out article Parish Registers at the Essex Record Office.]

  3. Beth Elliott says:

    John Sanford did emigrate from Essex to New England in 1631, with the Winthrop organization. This would have him there before “Thomas Sanford the Emigrant” (of the book of that name), who arrived between 1632 and 1634. These are two different Sanford families, as a known descendant of John Sanford matches genetically the 1669 Virginia family of Robert and Anne Smith Sanford. Current research has their family as coming to London from Essex, but we don’t yet have John’s birthplace or parents. We have just gotten some records from High Ongar and will be reviewing them presently. History House, you may pass along my email address to Wayne.

    [Comment by History House. Your email has been passed on. Many thanks.]

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