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Recent podcasts from The National Archives

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Recent podcasts from The National Archives:

Education in 1911
What was education like for the majority of children in 1911, the year when pupils staged strikes in 62 schools? This talk provides a fascinating glimpse of day-to-day life in an Edwardian school, covering such aspects as lessons, discipline, and examinations. It also touches on the dramatic resignation of the President of the Board of Education.

Transportation to Australia
Over 162,000 British and Irish convicts were transported to Australia between 1787 and 1868. This talk explores the reasons behind the policy of transportation and looks at the experiences of the people who were shipped beyond the seas, using case studies from the archives.

Shop workers: tracing your retail ancestors
We all go shopping, albeit with varying degrees of enthusiasm, and many of us have also worked in shops. It was the same for our ancestors, and although the records may not always be easy to find, they are out there if you know where to look. There is also a wealth of background material to show us what our ancestors’ shopping and shopkeeping experience was like.

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