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Train accident at Witham 1 September 1905
Train accident at Witham 1 September 1905

Recent podcasts from The National Archives:

Railway disasters: an introduction.
If, in our health and safety conscious times, we look back to the early years of railway transport, we would be appalled by the safety record of the railways and the working conditions of the railway workers. This talk looks at famous railway accidents and disasters of the 19th and 20th centuries, and the type of documents available to research them.

The Metropolitan Police: its creation and records of service. This talk looks at the creation of London’s Metropolitan Police Force in 1829 and how the problem of crime was addressed before then. You will also receive advice on how to trace your police officer ancestors from London.

Records of births, marriages and deaths.
This talk explores the sources available for searching for births, marriages and deaths, both at The National Archives and elsewhere, and features fascinating examples of birth, marriage and death records.

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