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Railway Employment Records

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Ancestry.co.uk have announced the release of Railway Employment Records, 1833-1963. This is database of employment-related records from a number of railway companies in England, Scotland, and Wales, covering the period 1833 until 1963. From the very start of railways in this country and the boom and bust period of the railway mania, to their vital importance to the economy of the country, and their nationalisation under the 1947 Transport Act.

Fifty percent of the records relate to Great Western Railway Company, others include: London and North Eastern Railway Company; London, Brighton and South Coast Railway; London, Midland and Scottish Railway Company, and the Midland Railway Company.

A quick search on Essex stations reveals records are listed under the London and North Eastern Railway.

The records vary as to the type of information: staff registers, station transfers, pension and accident records, apprentice records, and memos. Some of the records show awards for gallantry or good work, while others for disciplinary matters and cautions.

Records can be searched by name, birth year, event year, station, or company. Or they can be browsed by volume. In the browse, unless otherwise identified, the books are staff registers.

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