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Police Gazette – crime and criminals

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Punch cartoon: a Peeler
An early policeman, sometimes called a Peeler or Bobby (Punch cartoon 1845 PD)

Ancestry.co.uk has just released the United Kingdom’s Police Gazettes for the period 1812-1902, 1921-1927.

The Police Gazette was published by the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police Service and contains information on crime and criminals, especially wanted criminals, missing persons and army deserters. It also circulated details of stolen property and often includes the victims’ names.

For wanted persons it includes names and aliases, physical descriptions, where they were from, occupation, known associates and much more. Occasionally it features photographs or sketches of wanted persons.

The collection can be searched by:

  • Name
  • Birth year
  • Publication year
  • Event year
  • Event location
  • Event Type
  • Role in Crime
  • Conviction Place

Well worth a look if you have criminal ancestors.

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