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Ordering Wills or Probate Records Online

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The HM Government’s Probate Office for England and Wales has now altered the procedure for ordering Wills or Probate records (1858 to the present day). You can only order the documents online. It will cost £10.

Go to their Find a Will search page and enter the persons surname and year of death. It is not possible to enter any other search parameters. A search will return pages of the National Probate Calendar in which that person’s surname appears for that year. It may cover several pages. Go through the pages until you find the entry you are looking for. From this take the relevant details required for the ordering form which appears on the right of the probate calendar pages. Then click ‘add to the basket’ and pay.

If you are a member of Ancestry.co.uk, they have a far better search engine for finding Wills up to 1966. A great help if you are unsure as to the year or place of death. Once you have found it on there, you can revert back to the Probate Office’s search engine.

For information on how to research Wills before 1858, see our Wills before 1858 page.

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