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findmypast website

Findmypast.co.uk have just announced that over 200 British newspaper titles are now available on their site. It is the same database that is available though the
The British Newspaper Archive
(BNA). Both sites are owned by the same company: brightsolid.

On Findmypast (FMP) it is available to those with a world-wide subscription or by pay-as-you-go credits. The search is a little more flaky compared with the BNA site. It is almost impossible to use boolean searching to drill down to reduce the number of responses.

Also when I wanted to request page 5 of particular newspaper from the results, I paid pay-as-you-go and as was presented with page 4 instead. That cost me 5 credits. Not at all satisfactory. I hope this is just a glitch.

For subscribers, however, it seems that it may be worthwhile as a mistake like this will not matter. It certainly challenges ancestry.co.uk as to which company now offers the best value for money.

For more information on using newspapers to research your family tree see our article on Newspaper archives for family history research.

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