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New medical records on Ancestry

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Joseph Lister
Joseph Lister, surgeon and a pioneer of antiseptic surgery, features in the medical directories released by Ancestry

If you have ancestors involved in the medical profession in the UK and India then the latest database releases on Ancestry will certainly interest you. The new releases cover a wide range of practitioners: from doctors to midwives to physiotherapists.

The databases are:
UK & Ireland Medical Directories 1845 – 1942
Roll of the Indian Medical Service 1615 – 1930
Midwives Roll 1904 – 1959
Dentist Registers 1879 – 1942
Medical and Dental Students Registers 1882 – 1937
Physiotherapy and Masseuse Registers 1895 – 1980

Each database varies as to the contents of each record, so check the full details on the relevant Ancestry page linked above.

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