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National Heritage List for England

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National Heritage List website

Trying to find out details of English listed buildings, scheduled monuments, battlefields and so forth has previously meant searching a number of databases of different sites.

It is therefore welcome news to see that there is now The National Heritage List for England which is a searchable database of ALL nationally designated heritage assets including Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments, World Heritage Sites, Registered Parks and Gardens, Registered Battlefields, Protected Wreck Sites, Certificates of Immunity and Building Preservation Notices.

It is searchable by place name, building name, or by a map search on place name or postcode. More advance searching parameters are also available. Each record provides detailed information on the asset and a detailed Ordnance Survey Map of the location of the asset.

The List, however, does not include a photograph of the asset. If it is a Listed Building then these may appear on the Images of England website providing they were listed before 2001. The photographs were taken between 1999 and 2008 and the list has not been updated.

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