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Merchant Navy Records

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Findmypast.co.uk in partnership with The National Archives have published an interesting new archive for those with seafaring ancestors: Merchant Navy Records.

The records list UK merchant ships’ crew members and cover the period 1918 to 1941. As an extra bonus there may be a photograph of each person. Now is the chance to see a photograph of your ancestor if you never had one before.

The records are from The Central Indexed Register of Merchant Seamen (National Archives references BT 348, BT 349 and BT 350). They consist of record cards numbering some 998,838 cards. Some names/records are duplicated, so the actual number of individual records are below this number.

The information on the record varies. It may include name, their year and place of birth, their rank or rating. sometimes only first name initials were used. A description and photograph, and personal information such as next of kin. Details of ships served on and ratings may also be supplied. More information on the Findmypast.co.uk website.

For Merchant seamen outside of this date see this National Archives guide.

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