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Are your ancestors from this location? Why not tell us their story? Who were they? When were they here? What they did they do? Where did they go? Have you an interesting story to tell about them? Are you seeking information about them?

Whatever your ancestor's story, it will contribute to the fascinating history of Essex and its inhabitants.

Our new layout means you have your own page to tell their story (up to a 1000 words). After you click 'Submit' the text should immediately appear below, unless our Spam checker has referred it for us to check it first. We will then transfer it to its own page and link to it from here. We do this to help you out by checking any typos and presenting it in a way so that the people can find it easier through the search engines.

If you have an image that you wish to include in your story send the image by email to: webmaster@historyhouse.co.uk and we shall attach it to your story.

If someone makes a comment on an existing story, we will notify by email the originator of that story.

Wish to contact a person who has made a comment? If you are willing for your email to be given to the person who made then post then say so in your comment. We will let them know - obviously we cannot guarantee that they will reply! You provide your email address when posting a comment. Do not put it in the body of the message. Just state "release of email to [name] authorised".

Please do not supply any personal identity information on any living person as your posting will be removed. Thank you.

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Ebay is a good source of old images of Essex towns and villages. Throughout this site you will find many examples of postcards you can find on Ebay, some orginals, others digitally restored and enhanced. To go straight to the ebay pages this link is formatted for Essex Postcards