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Have you researched the Huguenots of Colchester?

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Have you researched the Huguenots of Colchester? The Friends of Colchester Museums are hosting an event in September 2015 on the subject of the Huguenot migration to England during the 16th – 17th centuries and are looking for a speaker with local knowledge of the Huguenots in Colchester.

The event will commence with a speaker from the Huguenot Society who will talk of the background to the Huguenots in England generally. After this it is hoped another speaker can be found who can provide information on the Huguenots who came to live in Colchester.

Ideally they are looking for someone who has relevant knowledge of the Huguenots in Colchester (not the Flemish/Dutch of which there were many more). Perhaps someone who has discovered and researched their Huguenot ancestors in Colchester, or has discovered a Huguenot connection to North East Essex.

If you think you can help in anyway or you know of someone who may be able to help then contact History House and we will forward on the information.

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