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Grace’s Guide – British Industrial History

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Grace's Guide website

If you’re researching an ancestor who was employed in industry or manufacturing, or if you are interested in engineering or researching Britain’s industrial past, then a website I found recently may be worth a visit.

Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History describes itself as “the leading source of information about industry and manufacturing in Britain from the start of the Industrial Revolution to the present time.” The website contains information on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

At the moment there are 83,100 pages of information and 108,998 images including scanned images of The Engineer magazine from 1856 to 1926.

There are detailed pages on the history of companies, processes and industries, all of which provide excellent background information should your ancestor have been employed in an industry or manufacturing. Here’s an example for Rowhedge Ironworks Co near Wivenhoe in Essex.

Well worth a look and it’s all free!

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