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Essex Herald now online

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british newspaper archive website

The British Newspaper Archive has now added another Essex newspaper to its archive: the Essex Herald, covering the years 1834, 1863, 1873 – 1874, 1879, 1881 – 1884, 1897, 1899. A total of 1,492 issues.

This now means that the following Essex newspaper titles are in the archive

· Essex Standard: 1831 to 1900 4,169 issues
· Essex Newsman: 1870 to 1950 4,554 issues
· Essex Herald: 1834 to 1899 1,492 issues (many gaps)
· Chelmsford Chronicle: 1783 to 1950 6,378 issues

For more help see our article on searching the British Newspaper Archive where an example search is shown.

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