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British Newspaper Archive

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british newsapers website

The new British Newspaper Archive:
is now available. This is published and managed by brightsolid in partnership with the British Library. It is an ongoing project and more papers are being added each day. As of today there are 3,121,094 pages covering the 18th and 19th centuries. They anticipate that in ten years there will be 40 million pages digitised.

It is a pay-to-view site. It is free to search and a search returns a sentence or two of the newspaper. Probably enough for one to identify if it is of interest although some of the scanning is not perfect by any means.

You can buy a 12 month subscription, or 30 or 2 day packages containing credits (The cost of credits depend on the date of the paper, and whether it is black and white or colour). The resource can be used free in the British Library’s Reading Rooms.

If you have access to the Gale Archive through your local library or have already searched the website British Library 1800-1900 you may find some titles are already repeated in those archives.

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