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Births, deaths and marriages at sea

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The National Archives (TNA) in conjunction with bmdregisters.co.uk have now made available online, records of births, deaths and marriages of passengers at sea. Previously only available on microfilm at TNA, the registers cover the period 1854 to 1908 and includes details of over 150,000 individuals.

The records are from the following categories:

BT 158 – Registers of Births, Deaths and Marriages of Passengers at Sea 1854-1890.
BT 159 – Registers of Deaths at Sea of British Nationals 1875-1888.
BT 160 – Registers of Births at Sea of British Nationals 1875-1891.

Background on what the records cover and how they were created can be found on this TNA page.

The database can be searched free on bmdregisters.co.uk, but payment is required for the image.

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