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25 inch Ordnance Survey Maps for Essex

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map of bobbingworth

The excellent Map section of the National Library of Scotland’s website is now even better! They have made available the 25 inch Ordnance Survey Maps for Essex – all free.

These are the most detailed historical maps produced by the Ordnance Survey on a scale of 25 inches to the mile. They can be used for local history research, house history research, or discovering where your ancestors lived if used in combination with the census returns.

Three editions are viewable:
Essex (1st Ed/Revised 1862-96) Revised: 1895 Published: 1897
Essex (New Series 1913) Revised: 1919 Published: 1921
Essex (New Series 1913) Revised: 1940 Published: 1947

The maps can be viewed as individual sheets using a zoomable map of England and Wales; or as a seamless zoomable overlay layer (1890s-1920s) on modern satellite images and OS maps; or as a seamless zoomable layer (1890s-1920s) side-by-side with modern satellite images and OS maps.

The interface takes a little while to get used to, but once that is achieved then you will be amazed at the detail contain in the maps.

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