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Poll of Voters for Maldon in 1826

Maldon, River Blackwater 1895  (Neg. 35657)  © Copyright The Francis Frith Collection 2005.
Maldon, River Blackwater 1895
Reproduced courtesy of The Francis Frith Collection.

The general election in Maldon in 1826 and a list of the voters.

The Borough of Maldon's poll of voters in 1826 is a very useful document for family history research as it lists the name, occupation and residence of those men who voted in the general election of 1826 in the Borough of Maldon. Many of them working class men.

Across most of England at this time only approximately one in seven men were entitled to vote, but because of the unique nature of the Borough's historic rights many men living in or connected to Maldon gained the right to vote. The system, however, was open to abuse and corruption.

Entitlement to vote was either by residence or as freemen. The right of freemen was by birth or apprenticeship, and daughters of freemen could give right to their husbands. The right of freeman could also be purchased or made honorary, and many freemen did not live within the Borough's boundaries (which included parishes up to seven miles away).

Maldon returned two members of Parliament. The 1826 election had three candidates. The winners were the Hon. George Winn with 1747 votes and Thomas Lennard with 1454 votes. The losing candidates was Quintin Dick with 1401.

Dick and Lennard "expended large sums, not only in the contest itself, but in the preliminary process of establishing the rights of various persons to be admitted as freemen and entitled to vote" [1]. Over 2000 additional freeman were admitted. In this process it was reported that Dick spent £18,000, while Lennard spent £12,000. There were bribes, free drinks for voters, payment of travelling expenses and all sorts of other corrupt election practices.
[1] House of Commons papers, Volume 48 report on corrupt practices at Maldon.

Of the 3013 polled, many of them were living in other parts of Essex and beyond, including London, Kent, Suffolk, Cambridge, and some even farther afield. The list contains many of the same surname and they probably are members of the same family.

This list below only contains places in Essex. For names outside Essex see the original document on Google Books.

There are 2163 Essex names listed. If a location had more than 6 voters then they are listed on that location's pages here on History House. Use the search facility to search for their names.

These are the remaining locations and names with less than six voters listed:

John Abbott, labourer, St Mary Crays
Charles Boyd Abdy, gent, Coopers Sale
John Rutherford Abdy, esq, Stapleford Abbot
Edward Aldham, farmer, Stifford
John Clift Alger, farmer, South Hanningfield
William Alp, blacksmith, Paglesham
Charles Andrews, farmer, Stanford Rivers
Charles Asplin, farmer, Little Wakering
Samuel Baker, cordwainer, North Ockendon
Charles Barnard, labourer, Sandon
John Barrell, labourer, Great Cornard
Richard Baynes, farmer, Rayne
Thomas Beardwell, farmer, Little Waltham
James Beckwith, miller, Great Holland
Joseph Beckwith, labourer, Little Braxted
Samuel Beckwith, gardener, Great Bromley
Henry Bennewith, wheelwright, Wakerill
John Benton, gardener, South Shoebury
William Coopers Berkley, esq., Sale Hall
Barrett John Bishops, cordwainer, Ingrave
George Mead Blundon, bailiff, Great Clacton
Thomas Boley, drillman, East Mersey
Josiah Jennings Boosey, labourer, Great Yeldham
Henry Bowers, labourer, Little Bromley
Daniel BoWilliaman, labourer, West Thurrock
James Brand, labourer, Little Wigborough
Edward Brett, gentleman, Colne Wake
John Brill, farrier, Saffron Walden
Isaac Brown, bailiff, Colne Engain
John Brown, labourer, North Benfleet
William Brown, blacksmith, Shalford
William Brown, labourer, Tiptree
Thomas Butcher, victualler, Colne Engain
Thomas Cable, labourer, Little Waltham
John Campen, carpenter, Pleshy
Thomas Camphorn, wheelwright, High Ongar
Joseph Carder, carpenter, Great Bromley
James Carpenter, wheelwright, Fobbing
John Carpenter, cordwainer, Fobbing
Jonathan Carter, labourer, Hutton
James Clark, farmer, Lamboune
William Clark, bricklayer, Mountnessing
James Clements, yeoman, Dovercourt
Nathaniel Clements, farmer, Dovercourt
William Cockett, farmer, Dengie
Daniel Collier, farmer, Good Easter
Joseph Collis, ironmonger, Great Dunmow
Thomas Collis, ironmonger, Great Dunmow
Philip Cooper, harnessmaker, Great Oakley
William Coppen, labourer, Castle Hedingham
Joseph Copping, bargeman, Fobbing
James Coxall, labourer, Paglesham
Joseph Cracknell, labourer, Salcote
Thomas Crick, labourer, Little Clacton
William Crick, labourer, Frinton
Nathaniel Crosby, labourer, East Mersea
Daniel Cross, thatcher, Great Warley
John Daniel Cross, thatcher, Great Warley
William Curtis, labourer, Layer de la Haye
Henry Cutts, labourer, Mashbury
Henry Cutts, labourer, Mashbury
James Cutts, husbandman, Mashbury
William Dean, farmer, Feering
Henry Devenish, labourer, Fairsted
William Dodd, labourer, Panfield
John Doe, cordwainer, Fordham
Stephen Dorking, labourer, Little Wakering
William Dow, cordwainer, Little Birch
Edward Dunmore, labourer, Cricksea
Sir Thomas Richard Dyer, gentleman, Ovington
James Dyke, farmer, Mayland
John Eades, husbandman, Pitsea
Samuel Ely, miller, Great Tey
Jeremiah Emmon, labourer, South Horndon
Jeremiah Emmons, labourer, South Fambridge
John Everett, labourer, Great Saling
James Finch, husbandman, Great Wigborough
Robert Octavius Fitch, carpenter, Weathersfield
Charles Fordham, farmer, Copt Hall
James Francis, farmer, Nasing
William Francis, farmer, Mountnessing
Joseph Franks, labourer, Hawkwell
James Freeman, husbandman, North Fambridge
Jonathan Freeman, husbandman, North Fambridge
Joseph Freeman, labourer, North Fambridge
Rich Freeman, husbandman, North Fambridge
William French, labourer, Weathersfield
John Gardiner, gardener, Dovercourt
Robert Gardiner, cordwainer, Hawkwell
Richard Gentry, linen draper, Waltham Abbey
Thomas Goodman, victualler, Wroxton
Thomas Gowers, malster, Weathersfield
John Green, labourer, Mountnessing
William Grover, shop keeper, Weeley
William Hammond, malster, Hutton
John Hanwick, labourer, Pattiswick
Samuel Harridine, blacksmith, Fobbing
John Harrington, farmer, High Roothing
James Harris, blacksmith, White Notley
Christopher Hart, labourer, North Benfleet
Jacob Hart, labourer, Stambridge
John Hazell, farrier, Hazeleigh
John Heard, servant, Faulkbourn
William Hitch, labourer, Chipping Ongar
William Philip Honeywood, MP, Marks Hall
Thomas Horner, farmer, Buttsbury
John Archer Houblon, esquire, Hallingbury
Edward Howard, labourer, Dunton
Matthew Howlett, cordwainer, Southchurch
Samuel Howlett, labourer, Vange
Samuel Howlett, labourer, Vange
James Hoy, labourer, Southchurch
John Hudson, labourer, Canvey Island
Thomas Hughes, miller, Widford
William Humphreys, horsekeeper, Mountnessing
John Woodward, cordwainer, Dovercourt
George Jaggs jun., shoemaker, Fobbing
Philip Jaggs, wheelwright, Mucking
William Jeffries jun., labourer, Stanford le Hope
Thomas Jennings, wheelwright, High Ongar
Jonathan Jerman, wheelwright, Colne Engain
Benjamin Johnson jun., labourer, Mashbury
Benjamin Johnson, labourer, Mashbury
Thomas Johnson, wheelwright, East Horndon
Samuel Kemp, farmer, Cricksea
William Henry King, farmer, South Shoebury
Thomas Knight, farmer, Tolleshunt Major
Daniel Lamprell, game keeper, Margaretting
Richard Lamprell, builder, Great Dunmow
William Lamprell, surveyor, Great Dunmow
Goodall esquire Lay, Great, Tey
Charles Lazell, labourer, North Shoebury
John Lazell, labourer, North Shoebury
Thomas Lazell, labourer, North Shoebury
Robert Lester, farmer, Paglesham
James Lewis, grocer, Rayne
Robert Linsell, sawyer, Great Warley
Matthew Lord, labourer, South Hanningfield
William Lungley, farmer, North Fambridge
Edw Sooley Malden, gent, Mile End Colchester
James Malden, farmer, Dengie
James Martin, labourer, Great Wigborough
Jeremiah Mason, jobber, Hazeleigh
John Jeremiah Mayhew, farmer, Colne Engain
Samuel Miller, labourer, Stanway
Charles Moss, labourer, Cressing
John Moss, farmer, East Horndon
William Moss, carrier, East Horndon
Benjamin Murray, labourer, Nevendon
Benjamin Murray, labourer, Pitsea
James Murray, labourer, Vange
William Murray, farmer, Nevendon
William Murray, labourer, Nevendon
Charles Forster Mustard, farmer, Great Bentley
William Myhill, gamekeeper, Sandon
Robert Nichols, labourer, Sandon
John Norton, labourer, Wakering
James Ong, servant, Great Warley
Thomas Osborne, labourer, North Benfleet
Charles Page, farmer, Paglesham
John Pake jun., wheelwright, Stifford
John Pake, wheelwright, Stifford
Christopher Parsons, farmer, Southchurch
James Dyer Pattisson, farmer, Hazeleigh
Joseph Peel, labourer, East Tilbury
James Perry, labourer, Felsted
John Pissey, farmer, Southchurch
Jeremiah Pledger, farmer, Littte Baddow
Richard Pledger, farmer, South Hanningfield
William Potter, farmer, East Thorpe
Robert Poynter, farmer, Mayland
Samuel Poynter, farmer, Mayland
John Pryor, blacksmith, Margaret Roothing
William Pudney, labourer, Stisted
James Rawlings, labourer, Sandon
Joseph Rawlings, sawyer, Sandon
Isaac Robinson, miller, Stanford Rivers
Simon Robinson, cordwainer, Corringham
George Rogers, surgeon, Manningtree
Joseph Rudkin, labourer, Layer de la Haye
George Rushbrook, labourer, South Hanningfield
Thomas Sach, labourer, West Thurrock
George Sadler, baker, Great Clacton
William Sadler, farmer, Great Clacton
Samuel Sage, bricklayer, Greensted
Henry Salmon, farmer, Stanway
Evatt Sanders, malster, Layer de la Haye
Thomas Sanders, looker, Little Bentley
James Sayward, labourer, Tolleshunt Major
John Scott, butcher, Widford
Francis Scutchy, labourer, Great Bentley
James Sharp, cordwainer, Stanford Rivers
Thomas Sharp, carpenter, Lamborne
Jeremiah Shave, farmer, Colne Engain
John Shave, publican, Pattiswick
John Shed, labourer, Felsted
Arthur Shuttleworth, farmer, Great Warley
Charles Shuttleworth, miller, Waltham Abbey
C A P Sidney, gentleman, Margaretting
William Sitch, labourer, Buttsbury
Charles Skinner, cordwainer, Little Waltham
George Skinner, cordwainer, Little Waltham
Joseph Slater, labourer, Little Burstead
Charles Smith, labourer, Purfleet
James Smith, wheelwright, Stisted
John Smith, gardener, Dovercourt
Joseph South, thatcher, Little Braxted
Samuel Spencer, labourer, Coopers Sale
James Sperling, clerk, Great Maplestead
W H Sperling, esq, Maplestead
James Starr, gardener, Great Saling
Charles Stebbing, smith and farrier, Stisted
Daniel Stephens, labourer, Fyfield
Benjamin Stockdale, cordwainer, Warley
William Stockdale, labourer, Moulsham
William Stockdale, miller, Widford
James Sturgeon, blacksmith, Thaxted
John Sturgeon, blacksmith, Thaxted
Joseph Sturgeon, blacksmith, Thaxted
Samuel Sturgeon, blacksmith, Thaxted
Timothy Surrey jun., looker, Great Dunmow
Thomas Taylor, labourer, Stanway
W Temple, dissenting minister, Stanford Rivers
John Terris, labourer, Little Holland
Daniel Thedam, labourer, Dengie
John Thody, labourer, Epping
John Thody, labourer, Finchingfield
Samuel Thorowgood, gentleman, Lamborne
Thomas Thorowgood, labourer, Pitsea
Thomas Thorowgood, blacksmith, Stambridge
George Threadgold, miller, Buttsbury
William Threadgold, miller, Buttsbury
Henry Tilley, gardener, Stanford le Hope
George Tuffnell, clerk, Wormingford
Robert Turner, cordwainer, Margaretting
James Turnidge, cordwainer, Fryerning
Joseph Turnidge, farmer, Fryerning
William Turnidge, wheelwright, Virley
A Wager, labourer, Great Wigborough
Charles Walker, labourer, East Thorpe
John Ward, cordwainer, Lexden
John Ward, labourer, Wallasea Island
John Ward, labourer, Wallasea Island
Joseph Ward, labourer, Wallasea Island
George Waters, wheelwright, Fryerning
James Webb, labourer, Buttsbury
James Webb, labourer, Sutton
John Webb, labourer, Great Holland
William Webb, labourer, Great Holland
William Webb, labourer, Hawkwell
Samuel Wenden, labourer, Little Maplestead
N Whistler jun., labourer, Layer de la Haye
N Whistler, farmer, Layer de la Haye
John Whitbread, farmer, South Hanningfield
Thomas Whitney, labourer, High Easter
Brayfield Williams, gentleman, Saffron Walden
John Williams, farrier, Hadleigh
William Williams, baker, Tendring
Charles Willingale, gardener, Loughton
John Willingale, bricklayer, Loughton
Joseph Willingale jun., butcher, Loughton
Joseph Willingale, butcher, Loughton
Thomas Willingale, bricklayer, Loughton
James Willsmere, labourer, Great Wigborough
William Witham, labourer, Stanford le Hope
Henry Wood, farmer, Hadleigh
John Wood, labourer, Little Burstead
Thomas Wood, labourer, Dengie
Samuel Woodward, labourer, Little Holland
George Wright, carpenter, Lexden
James Wry, labourer, Stanford le Hope
William Young, farmer, Pleshy

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