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Find your Essex ancestors on eBay

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Details of items relating to family history on sale on eBay.

All types of objects relating to family history are sold on eBay. Photographs, copies of Wills, house conveyancing, bills of sale, and much, much more.

Sadly many of these items are listed for just two or three weeks and then disappear into private collections. This page contains details of many auction lots which have appeared on Ebay and which may be of help to family historians. Unfortunately, for copyright reasons I cannot paste a copy of the image. The details below appear in the description of the auction lot or in the provided image. It may or may not be accurate. Each entry below is linked to the auction lot, but this will only work while the item is currently on sale.

Once the item is sold, it is not possible to identify where the item has gone. But it is hoped that the details below are better than nothing. They may give clues as to where to search next. Perhaps the Essex Record Office in manorial documents, etc. I cannot help you any further as to how they can be tracked down and purchased.

Items for sale

Ardleigh - appointment and demise
Dated 2 April 1836 relating to sale of 4 acres in Ardleigh. Parties: Reverend Henry Benwell, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Fenn-Addison of Chilton Lodge, Suffolk. References to: Robert Halls, Henry Benwell, and Frederick Blomfield Philbrick, Mathew Mills and John Mills, Robert Harris, William Hedgethorn, Irving? Wyncoll.

Borough Marsh, Heybridge, Maldon - copy indenture
Attested copy of an indenture dated 2 September 1829 between Elizabeth Herbert of Maldon, Essex (widow of Thomas Hubert, gent.), John Clark of Heybridge (yeoman) and William Laurence of Maldon (gent.), referencing a property in Borough Marsh. Signed by W. L. Hance, solicitor, Maldon, and Edward Hanes on 1 April 1843.

Charles St. John Barnett of Ongar - letter re will
Letter concerning the Will of Lieut. Col. Charles St. John Burren Barnett of Great Colmans of Chipping Ongar dated 23rd July 1910. He refers to his brother Herbert's son who had recently been murdered by the 'Kaffirs'. He had been left out of his Will.

Manor of Cannons, Great Pardon - surrender
Manor of Cannons, Great Pardon, surrender of customary tenancy document dated 1787. Thomas Gattaker merchant of London surrenders. Occupied by widow Appleton. Transfered to Job Matthews of Woodford.

Harwich - sale of property
Sale catalogue for November 1910 for property formerly known as 'The New Swan Inn', King's Head Street, Harwich.

Harwich - sale of property
Sale catalogue for November 1910 for shop at 31 King's Head Street, Harwich.

Mistley - sale of properties
Sale catalogue for August 1901 for two detached properties called 'Sunny Side' and 'Albury Villa' in Mistley.

Will - Mary Loggon
Will of Mary Loggon (widow) of Barkway, Hertford dated 1785. She formerly lived in Lawford, Essex and was married to the Reverend George Loggon, the rector Lawford in 1778/9.

Baythorne End, Birdbrook - sale of properties
Sale catalogue for 2 July 1915 for freehold properties and arable land in Baythorne End, Birdbrook. Lot 1 Elstree House; Lot 2 The Elms; Lot 3 Watsoe field. Auctioneer Boardman selling them by order of the court. Rayner v French.

Abridge - conveyance
Conveyance of the equity of redemption in freehold hereditaments of Abridge, Essex, dated 13 March 1894. Parties: William Frederick Hurlock to William Hurlock.

Abridge - mortgage
Mortgage of Freehold Hereditaments at Abridge, Essex, dated 21 August 1891, to secure the repayment of £400 of interest. Parties: Mr W. Hurlock to Mr H. Surpstone Esq.

Manor of Rettendon - admission
Dated 1898. Refers to Samuel Baker of Thundersley, Essex, carpenter (deceased) and his will including land on Rettendon Great Common, also mentions Goose's Common. Others mentioned: Isaac Baker of Rayleigh, builder; John Thorington of Thundersley, postmaster; Horace Baker Plummer of 3 Park Road, Belvedere, Kent, school master, and William John Cook Plummer.

Estate or premises in Bulphan, Essex
Legal document dated 1851 in which Sarah Silsbey Lloyd the wife of John Lloyd declares having no interest in an estate or premises in the parish of Bulphan. Also mentions William Farren Stevens (no other information about him).

Sale Particulars for property in Dovercourt, Essex
June 13th 1911. Freehold semi-detached residence 'Ocean Villa' 1, Trinity Terrace, Fronks Road, Dovercourt. Four good bedrooms, bathroom, w.c., promenade balcony and domestic facilities, with nice garden at the rear. Rental value £32 a year.

Manor of Sewardston, Essex - Admission
Manor of Sewardston, Essex. Fine Herriots and Fees payable by Mrs. Ann Jones the Widow of Arthur Jones on her Admission under his Will at a Special Court held 26th October 1778.

Property at Sewardston, Essex
1884 Vellum indenture for property known as No.6 Sewardstone, Essex, plus a map/plan and seals. Persons Involved: Thomas Mann, James Crossman, Henry Winks. Indenture is a lease for the above property. Whereby Winks is leasing the property from Mann and Crossman. Details about the persons involved are given including their occupation along with the amount of monies exchanged. Extensive details about the property are provided in including measurements, location and boundaries.

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