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The Bankrupt Directory - names of people in Essex made bankrupt between 1820 and 1843.

The Bankrupt Directory is a register of all bankrupts from December 1820 to April 1843. All the Essex names have been taken out by History House and are now listed on the following pages.

Source: Google Books -The Bankrupt Directory Being a complete register of all the bankrupts; with their residences, trades, and dates when they appeared in the London Gazette from December 1820 to April 1843 By George Elwick

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Richard Ramsden, Southend, coach-master and horse dealer, May 9 1826
Thomas Rankin, Epping, draper, April 18 1837
Joseph Revett, Colchester, stage coach proprietor, Dec 5 1834
Mary Richardson, Chelmsford, innkeeper, March 2 1838
Ling Robinson, Ballingdon, millwright, Feb 3 1843
John Robison, Moulsham, tea dealer and draper, Nov 11 1828
Thomas Rust, Fobbing, victualler, Feb 22 1828
Philip Saintly, Wivenhoe, shipwright, May 30 1834
John Saunders, Corbet's Tey, schoolmaster, Nov 16 1832
Richard Serace Saxby, Chingford, miller, Oct 30 1835
Richard Burgess Scale, Halstead, farmer, April 22 1842
David Sharp, Maldon, cattle dealer, Aug 5 1831
William Shave, Colchester, innkeeper, April 26 1831
Hunton Shaw, Billericay, grocer, July 20 1830
Henry Simons, Blackmore grocer, Sept 10 1830
Wilson Simons, Fobbing, barge master, Dec 29 1826
John Mulley Simson, Frating, cattle dealer, Feb 22 1833
George Skinner, Aveley, grocer, Jan 18 1831
Charles Smith, Sible Hedingham, straw plait dealer, Sept 12 1826
Thomas Sneezum, Billericay, carpenter and builder, May 8 1838
John Snelling, Messing, grocer, Jan 9 1838
Robert Abercrombie Souter, Colchester, bookseller, Nov 25 1834
James Moss Sperling, Halstead, scrivener, Sept 21 1841
Daniel Guttridge Stevens, Harlow, linen draper, March 9 1822
James Stonebridge, Wivenhoe, coal merchant and farmer, June 10 1831
Charles White Taylor, Epping, draper, May 4 1841
Thomas Thorogood, Chipping Ongar, victualler, Jan 11 1831
George Threadgold, Brentwood, corn dealer, Aug 14 1838
Henry Till, Moulsham, draper, April 12 1842
William Tills, sen., Mistley, merchant, Nov 17 1821
Charles Trapps, Abridge, victualler, Aug 17 1841
William Turner, Purleigh carpenter, July 11 1834
Abraham Wallis, Springfield, miller, Nov 6 1838
Thomas Ward, Colchester, innkeeper, May 25 1832
Thomas Turpin, Wivenhoe, inn keeper and carpenter, June 14 1842
Charles Watson, Braintree, carpenter and builder, Nov 26 1839
Hugh Watson, Willingale Spain, cattle salesman, Jan 26 1830
George Archibald Whale, Bocking, innkeeper, Dec 11 1832
William Whale, Witham, victualler, March 27 1827
William Whitbread, Southend, linen draper, May 25 1824
Charles White, Willingale Spain, goose feeder, Feb 3 1837
Isaac Wilson, Tillingham, draper, March 28 1843
Samuel Wilson, St Osyth, grocer, March 20 1832
Richard Winterflood, Little Waltham, victualler, Feb 22 1831
Thomas Woodruffe, Ramsey, cattle dealer, Nov 15 1831
Henry Woodthorp, Aveley, grocer, Feb10 1837
Edward Woodward, Chelmsford, linen draper, June 11 1830
Robert Wright, Hatfield Broad Oak, grocer, Feb 4 1823
Joseph Yell and James Yell, jun. Woodham Ferris, jobbers, Set 8 1821

Surnames A - D | Surnames E - K | Surnames L - P | Surnames R - Y

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