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The Bankrupt Directory - names of people in Essex made bankrupt between 1820 and 1843.

The Bankrupt Directory is a register of all bankrupts from December 1820 to April 1843. All the Essex names have been taken out by History House and are now listed on the following pages.

Source: Google Books - The Bankrupt Directory Being a complete register of all the bankrupts; with their residences, trades, and dates when they appeared in the London Gazette from December 1820 to April 1843 By George Elwick

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John Albra, Chelmsford, innkeeper, July 17 1827
John Allistone, Waltham Abbey, shopkeeper, Aug 4 1826
John Andrews, Ongar, schoolmaster, May 25 1841
William Archer, Messing, grocer, Feb 24 1835
Samuel Baker, Liston, miller, Sept 21 1822
Elias Barnard, Little Baddow, cattle salesman, Feb 27 1835
Benjamin Bannester, Southend, druggist, April 3 1824
William Benton, Vange, wharfinger, Dec 14 1837
James Holloway Biddle, Grays, wheelwright, Nov 12 1833
Daniel Outhwaite Blyth, Colchester, merchant, Jan 11 1833
John Blyth, Langham, Miller, may 27 1836
William Boosey, Colchester, grocer, Sept 17 1825
Isaac Brightwen, Robert Brightwen and Isaac Brightwen, jun., Coggeshall, brewers, May 27 1828
George Brown, Maldon, merchant, Aug 11 1829
Richard Bulley, sen., Maldon, tailor and draper, May 21 1830
James Bullock, Southend, printer, July 10 1832
William Burleigh, Toppesfield, draper and tailor, April 23 1830
James Butcher, Alphamstone, maltster, Jan 29 1822
George Butler, Witham, builder, March 10 1843
Harvey Byass, Rayleigh, surgeon, Nov 24 1821
James Cardinal, Halstead, currier, Jan 23 1829
Henry Harridge Carter, wine merchant, Nov 9 1838
John Carter, Rettenden, wine merchant, April 18 1837
John Chisholm, late of Harwich, chemist and druggist, Aug 7 1827
Philip Closson, Harwich, sail maker, Aug 21 1829
Henry Coates, Bradfield, farmer, July 10 1821
Henry Coates, Colchester, cattle dealer, Nov 3 1835
Samuel Coates, Halstead, plumber and glazier, April 30 1825
Jacob Cohen, Chelmsford, cabinet maker and broker, June 26 1827
Benjamin Granger Collis, Colne Engaine, miller, April 24 1829
Christopher Annet Collis, Chipping Hill, Witham, victualler, Dec 7 1838
William Collis, Dunmow, draper, Nov 20 1840
John Corney, Beauchamp, shopkeeper, June 7 1823
Thomas Count, Colchester, wine merchant, Feb 17 1837
Saint John Cowlen, Bradwell, wheelwright, May 18 1832
Samuel Cranfield, Colchester, innkeeper, May 2 1834
Sarah Crickitt, Robert Alexander Crickitt, and Samuel Hunt Ruffell, Chelmsford, bankers, Dec 24 1825
John Crisp, Colchester, butcher, Jan 4 1831
William Cross, Mountnessing, grocer, April 6 1841
William Henry Croxson, Rayleigh, wheelwright, March 17 1840
John Deeley, Battlesbridge Mill, Rawreth, miller, July 5 1836
William Wilson Dennis, Billericay, butcher and salesman, July 2 1825
Thomas Dodd, jun., Finchingfield, plumber and glazier, May 17 1836
William Dorrell, Colchester, innkeeper, April 17 1838
Thomas Dove, Maldon, linen draper, Feb 10 1821
William Draper, Malden, watchmaker, June 26 1821

Surnames A - D | Surnames E - K | Surnames L - P | Surnames R - Y

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